How To Pack Dishes For Moving Using the Cell Kit

Packing for a move is always more complicated than you first imagine. This is especially true for packing dishes, glasses and other fragile items found in the kitchen. Not only are there a varity items to pack up, but many of those items can break or crack if they’re not packed correctly. Unpacking at your new home and finding a shattered fine china set is a heartbreaker, to say the least.

So, how do you pack dishes for moving and avoid unnecessary damage? There are a few easy things you can do to protect your glasses and plates during your next move, starting with using the right packing supplies

What Is the Best Way To Pack Dishes and Glasses for Moving?

Dishes and glasses are typically fragile, making proper cusion and a durable dish moving box two critical components when it comes to packing. A standard moving box and newspapers may seem like a good alternative, but these aren’t the best options if you’re looking for trustworthy protection. Specialty dish packing supplies, on the other hand, are designed with glassware protection in mind. These supplies make packing dishes easier and keep everything intact while they’re in the back of your moving truck, providing you with maximum protection and peace of mind.

General tips for packing dishes for moving:

  • Pack heaviest items at the bottom and lighter items at the top
  • Don't overload your boxes – keep loads manageable enough to lift
  • Use padding or packing paper in between plates and bowls
  • Don't stack dishes too high – this puts too much pressure on your bottom dishes

Recommended Dish Packing Supplies

If you’re not sure which supplies you need, we’ve put together a short list of dish packing materials to get you started. U-Haul carries a wide selection of professional-grade packing supplies designed to accomodate all kinds of household items. Find the right moving supplies today.

How the Cell Kit Works

The Cell Kit comes with adjustable cardboard dividers so you can create custom compartments for certain items. Storing each item in an isolated, secure cell prevents items from colliding or knocking into each other. Altogether, the kit creates three storage levels capable of hauling up to 13 place settings; this can include various plates, glassware, mugs, stemware, and bowls packed into a single Cell Kit, making it a dynamic and versatile dish/glass packing solution.

The Cell Kit pairs perfectly with the Dish Barrel Box (sold separately), so in addition to housing your glasses in custom cell compartments, they are also stored in a durable, double-walled moving box for added protection and convenient hauling. A more robust box allows for better storage of holiday or specialty glassware and will remain intact for up to 12 years!

Order a Cell Kit

How To Pack Dishes for Moving Using the Cell Kit & Dish Barrel Box

After you’ve acquired the recommended dish packing supplies, you can begin packing your fragile glassware for your move. Though it’s not quite as simple as stacking your items in the box. Proper packing requires attention to detail and taking the time to assemble your supplies the right way. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure your dishes and glasses are packed with safety and convenience in mind, and your supplies are utilized properly.

1. Fold the Outer Packaging

Use the Cell Kit’s outer packaging and fold the edges to create a “springboard.” Lay this down at the bottom of the Dish Barrel Box with the folds facing down. This will provide your dishes with a layer of shock absorption should the box be dropped during your move.

2. Create the Base Level Cells

Using the tallest partitions, craft the base cell compartments by sliding the pieces together. Each section has cutaways, so you can easily slide the pieces together by hand. There are four partitions in total for each level.

The bottom layer of the Cell Kit can be adjusted to fit larger dishes like plates.

3. Customize Your Partitions

The base level is designed for packing large items, like stemware, plates, bowls and pots and pans. To create more space on the base level, remove the two center partitions. You can customize your sections based on your needs. Use the outer corner cells for stemware or dinner glasses.

4. Protect Your Glasses and Dishes

Before placing your items in the cells, be sure they are protected. Use sheets of Packing Paper to individually wrap each item or to provide padding in between stacked items. Consider using Cushion Foam or Enviro-Bubble for extra protection for fine china.

5. Pack Level by Level

Pack your items starting with the heaviest and largest items on the bottom (plates, pots, pans, etc.) After each level is packed, place a cardboard pad on top to separate the sections. There are two cardboard pads included in the Cell Kit. Continue until the box is packed. 

6. Seal the Box Tightly

You should finish with the third and final cell compartments exposed at the top of the box. Place a sheet of Enviro-Bubble, packing paper, or Cushion Foam on top for added protection (optional). Seal the container tightly with box tape.

Protect Your Glasses and Dishes on Moving Day

Pairing a Cell Kit with a Dish Barrel Box is a great way to get your dishes, glasses, and other fragile glassware safely packed and ready for moving day or storage. U-Haul has the best supplies for your move for the best price. Find the right moving supplies for your today!

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