Guide To U-Haul® Glass & Dish Cell Kit!

U-Haul Dish & Glass Cell Kit

Throughout U-Haul Company’s history, it has always strived to create the most innovative and quality solutions to life's most challenging moves. No matter if you're planning to move down the street or across the country, making sure your most precious belongings stay secure and safe is vital to a successful transition. Over a person's lifetime, they will accumulate many valuables, including wine glasses, mugs, dishware, bowls, and other kitchen valuables that may be very expensive, especially if it is a china set, crystal stemware, or high-end glassware.

To ensure proper protection, what better way to get the moving materials you need than picking up a highly engineered U-Haul Cell Kit for all your glasses & dishes. Each kit is designed to ensure the most structural rigidity so that when in transport, it will not move under any stress or disruption. Like many U-Haul boxes, the dish-barrel box features a double-walled cardboard layer to increase strength; we recommend that you use our Dish Barrel Box to use in combination with the Cell Kit. It will ensure maximum integrity so that all of your dishware and glasses arrive at your destination in one piece.

Throughout this article, we will go over the ins and outs of what makes the U-Haul's Dish & Glassware Cell Kit so sound & rigid!

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What Makes Our Cell Kit Unique?

U-Haul has been pushing the envelope for boxes & moving supplies since its inception in 1945. Figuring out ways to aid our consumer base has driven us to become the industry standard in moving and storage. When you pick up your Cell Kit from your local U-Haul location or online at, you will receive everything you need to package your glasses, dishware, pots, and pans. It will include the following: pre-cut cardboard dividers to make all your cells for both your dishes and glassware, springboard, and flat cardboard layouts to separate each layer to all the cells together, so they become one cohesive unit, and to ensure transport stability. The pre-cut cardboard dividers are adjustable to isolate pots & pans, dishes, and glasses. The Cell Kit's outer packaging has printed instructions that will guide assembly.

Now you're probably asking yourself; there are many dish cell kits out in the marketplace that are similar to this? Yes, some are similar and copies, but there is only one U-Haul Cell Kit around! What makes ours superior is it has twenty-five cells on the bottom portion while holding sixteen cells on each kit's upper tiers. We can give each customer value and choice in customizing how U-Haul's Cell Kit can be configured from top to bottom. One of the coolest capabilities the U-Haul Cell Kit does better is providing our consumers the ability to house an 8-piece setting without causing harm to all the other items within the Cell Kit.

When we mentioned an 8-piece setting, we meant there are eight pieces of dishware and glassware that would fit onto a dinner table. Each section is layered so that the weight and structure are evenly distributed amongst the three layers. To think about it further, when you're moving, you want to be as efficient as possible while ensuring all of your items will be safe for the journey our Glassware Cell Kit does just that. With the ability to house various entities, including pots and pans, your configurations are almost limitless.

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Cell Kit Design & Structure

Since U-Haul started developing our dish & glassware Cell Kit, U-Haul has always thought about consumers and their needs during a long or short move. Throughout our proprietary design, we have created many options to ensure your most delicate glasses, china, dishware, crystal stemware, pots, and pans are protected for the long haul. When you receive your cell kit, you will get three unique layers that will house anything from mugs, wine glasses, bowls, plates, glasses, and even a complete pot set.

While our Double-Walled Dish Barrel Box for the U-Haul Cell Kit protects any damage that can come from outside the actual box itself, the Cell Kit itself provides even more structural rigidity to help the overall structure of the box. Furthermore, the outer packaging of our Cell Kit folds into our patented design to turn into a springboard; this is placed at the bottom of the glassware cells to act as a shock absorber to prevent internal components from absorbing the shock. Each one of our cells is given more than ample space so that you can wrap your kitchenware, wine glasses, and mugs into place using U-Haul's Cushion Foam and Foam Pouches. U-Haul recommends our customers to use our uniquely designed Cushion Foam; not only will it provide protection for your kitchenware and glasses, but it also gives you the ability to fit within the Cell Kit for various sized pieces for optimal safety; no matter if your journey is long-haul or just around the next turn.


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Preventing Damage

There is one thing any individual thinks about more when they are getting ready to move, is the chances of belongings or personal items breaking while they are in transport, most especially when it comes to your glassware and dishware. Thanks to U-Haul's ingenuity and design, we're able to provide the necessary materials that will give you added protection and peace of mind when you pick up your Cell Kit. Throughout the initial steps to getting your moving supplies, you will probably wonder what is needed to protect your most valuable kitchenware?

Well, that is a great question! To figure out what you need to do to prevent damage in your dishware Cell Kit, U-Haul offers a tremendous amount of choices to give you protection enhancement in case of movement while in transport or the chances of being dropped. We provide a range of different Wrapping Paper, Enviro Bubble ® Cushion, Cushion Foam, and various sizes of Foam Pouches.

These are designed to work cohesively within the glass Cell Kit to provide more stability and act as a secondary shock absorber to the springboard itself. When U-Haul designed and engineered the Cell Kit for your glasses & dishware, we ensured there would be enough room within each of the cells and spaces for you to wrap, pack, and provide security to each of your kitchenware valuables. All of this working together will give you the peace of mind and structural integrity you need so that when your Cell Kit is sealed up, you know that your glasses & dishes will arrive at your new destination intact for years to come!

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Why Should You Buy Cell Glass & Dishware Kit?

While the competition is worried about who can sell the most boxes and moving supplies, that will give you what you want vs. what you need for a successful move and transition. U-Haul's approach provides our consumers with meaningful value to you with the appropriate tools to complete your journey and get all your valuables there in one piece. Everything that our Boxes & Moving Supplies team does is for the benefit of all of our users. No matter what day it is, you will be using your glass & dishware extensively; why not give it the protection it deserves just as you would protect yourself from harsh weather elements.

Furthermore, when you finalize packing your Cell Kit & Double-Walled Layered Box Together, it will provide you with the most structural soundness and reassurance that money can buy! So if you are worried about your glassware & dishware getting damaged or not being secure during your move, be sure to pick up a U-Haul Cell Kit today at your local store or you can order online at We also don't want you to forget that U-Haul has a buy-back guarantee to help customers; any unused boxes or moving supplies left over from your move, we will repurchase it back from you or you can put it towards your U-Haul Moving Truck rental balance that is owed; just be sure to bring your receipt with you!

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