How to Pack a Bedroom for Moving

Two people are packing their mattress in a mattress bag to get it ready for moving.

Bedrooms have a lot to pack – big and small – which can complicate things if you’re not prepared. There’s often large, bulky furniture like bed frames, dressers and mattresses. There’s also small, tedious items like wall décor, clothing and linens. Luckily, there are some things you can do and plenty of supplies available that will make your job much easier. Here is how to pack a bedroom for moving in four steps.

1. Clean out your closet

Before you pack, start by purging your closet and dresser of any clothing, shoes or hats that no longer fit or you don’t wear anymore. You can donate these items to a non-profit organization or sell them to thrift store or in a yard sale. Not only does this create less packing for you, it also gives you less to unpack and organize at your new place.

2. Gather recommended bedroom packing supplies

3. Start small

With your packing supplies in hand and your wardrobe purged, you can begin the packing process, starting with small items like linens, clothing and decorations.

How to pack linens

Before you pack, consider putting all your bedroom linens through the wash. This gives you one less chore to worry about at your new place and ensures your fabrics are in the best possible condition during the moving process. Once clean, bedroom linens can be rolled up or folded tightly. You can place them in a large or medium box, or wait and use them as space-fillers when packing bulky items later. Also, keep in mind you will need somewhere to sleep the night before the move, so leave a set of sheets and pillow cases out until the final day in your old home.

How to pack clothes

We recommend using a Wardrobe Box when you pack clothing. This specialty box allows you to keep your clothing on hangers during the move to prevent creases and folds. There are several varieties to choose from:

      • Shorty Wardrobe® Box: Best for dress shirts, blouses and blazers.
      • Grand Wardrobe Box: Best for dresses, suits and long jackets.
      • Space Saver Wardrobe Box: Used with any style of clothing.

For clothing in your dresser, neatly fold or roll it up and pack it in a medium box or suitcase. Or, as long the dresser isn’t too heavy, leave the clothing inside and move it all at the same time you move the dresser. If you have shoes you want to keep in good shape, try the Shoe Box, which is easily stackable in a cardboard box. Others can be placed in a moving box.

How to pack picture frames and wall décor

We recommend packing small decorations, lamps and picture frames before you begin packing furniture. Supplies like Enviro-Bubble and the Picture Packer Kit make packing these items quick and painless. Wrap fragile décor like lamps and clocks in Enviro-Bubble, then use the Picture Packer Kit to secure all small- to mid-sized picture frames and place them in a small box. If you have have leftover folded linens, use them to fill the empty spaces and keep your fragile items from shifting.

How to pack books

Using the Book Box, pack your book collection spine side facing down. You may be tempted to stuff as many books in each box as you can, but in keep mind that books are heavy in bulk. Instead of over-stuffing, keep your loads light so you don’t have a problem carrying your Book Box later.

4. Pack and protect bedroom furniture

When it comes to the larger items like the bed frame, mattress, dresser, vanity and other heavy furniture, focus on making sure these items are protected from dents, scratches and scuffs. Here are some tips for securing your bedroom furniture for moving.

How to pack bedroom furniture

Using Quilted Pads and Furniture Pads, completely blanket your big furniture like the dresser, TV stand, desk and night stands. Secure the pads in place using Mover's Wrap. If possible, disassemble any furniture that comes apart (and fits back together) to make moving easier. Be sure the small pieces are stored in a safe place, like in a sandwich bag taped to the furniture. Use additional pads or wrap to cover the disassembled furniture pieces.

How to pack a mattress

The goal when moving a mattress is to ensure it won't be ripped or stained during the move. The easiest way to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from harming your mattress is to move it using a Mattress Bag, which comes in twin, full, queen and king sizes, as well as pillow top varieties. Simply slide the bag over your mattress and it's ready to move.

How to pack a TV

Both the TV Kit and Flat Screen TV Cover are specially designed to keep televisions in like-new condition during a move, which is why we highly recommend using these supplies for packing your TVs. This article will show you have to assemble your TV Kit if you haven’t already done so.

          • To pack your TV, start by detaching the cords, rolling them up, and placing them in a separate bag or container.
          • Then, remove the TV from the stand and attach the four foam corners.
          • For added protection, shield the TV using the Flat Screen TV Cover.
          • With the TV upright and covered, slide it into the box and secure the two panels tightly using box tape.
          • Here are more instructions on how to pack a tv.

Packing Made Easier

Are you looking for more packing tips, supplies, or all-around resources? U-Haul has everything to make your move a seamless one. Shop for supplies and check out more packing tips here.

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