How to Pack and Move a Flat Screen TV

Your flat screen TV is one of the most fragile and expensive items in your household, so it’s especially important that you protect it well during your move. The unique shape of a TV means that it can’t (safely) be packed into a standard moving box – however, this is where the U-Haul TV Moving Box shines.

Follow the steps outlined in this guide to ensure that your flat screen TV makes it to your new home in perfect condition.

The expandable U-Haul Large Flat Screen TV Moving Box Kit featuring four foam corner protectors.
TV Moving Box Kit

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The U-Haul TV Moving Box provides factory-quality protection that enables you to transport your TV from Point A to Point B in perfect condition. This kit comes with four foam pieces that are each placed on a corner of the TV to prevent it from shifting insider the box. The box itself is actually two double-walled boxes that can be expanded (or contracted) to accommodate TVs between 32 inches and 70 inches. Both boxes feature built-in easy-to-lift handles that make it significantly easier to carry your TV too.

Additional Recommended Packing Supplies (not included):

The Ultimate TV Packing Kit was curated by our moving experts to include all the packing supplies that you’ll need to effectively pack a flat screen TV – all in one easy click.

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How to Measure a TV

TVs come in many sizes. That’s why U-Haul offers multiple TV Box sizes for screen sizes ranging from 20 inches all the way up to 86 inches. Choosing the right TV Moving Box is as simple as measuring your TV!

Measure your TV screen diagonally from corner to corner – that number is your TV size. Be sure to only measure the screen, not the outside frame. It’s wise to also measure the depth of your TV to confirm that it’s less than 5 inches – otherwise, it won’t fit inside of a U-Haul TV Moving Box.

Our standard Large TV Moving Box is ideal for TVs between 32 inches and 70 inches. However, for a TV (or desktop monitor) with a screen size smaller than 40 inches, consider using a Medium TV Moving Box for a snug fit. For a TV screen larger than 70 inches, use an Extra-Large TV Moving Box – this box can be expanded to accommodate TVs up to 86 inches large.

DIY mover uses easy lifting handles to close U-Haul Flat Screen TV Moving Box.

How to Pack a TV for Moving

Step 1 – Disassemble the TV

  • Before disassembling your entertainment setup, take photos of how everything is connected. These photos will serve as a reference when setting your TV up again.
  • Unplug all cords from the back of your TV and roll them up neatly. Then, place these cords and the TV remote(s) into a clear plastic bag or container for safekeeping.
  • Remove any stand or legs affixed to your TV. Gently lay the TV flat with the screen facing down and carefully remove the stand/legs with a screwdriver. Then, stand the TV up again. Place any screws in the same bag as the cords and TV remote(s).

Step 2 – Protect the Screen

  • (OPTIONAL) Slip a Flat Screen TV Cover over your TV. This cover fits TVs up to 65 inches to provide additional protection against scratches and dust when moving.
  • Break the foam corners that are included in the TV Moving Box kit apart into four pieces and, with your TV standing upright, position one on each corner.
  • Then, use Mover’s Wrap to secure these pieces in place by tightly wrapping the top two corners together, followed by the bottom two corners.

Step 3 – Box the TV

  • There are a few ways to get your TV into the inner section of a TV Moving Box. The easiest is to lay the box flat on the ground, then carefully lay your wrapped-up TV down flat as well to slide it into the box. You can also use gravity to your advantage by standing the inner section of the box on its side with the opening facing upwards, then lifting your wrapped-up TV and slowly dropping it into the box. Lastly, you can keep both the box and TV upright, and slide the TV in this way. Note that these last two methods may require an extra pair of hands, so grab a friend to help if needed!
  • Use Furniture Pads (or towels) to fill in any empty space between the top of your TV and the ceiling of the TV box. This will ensure minimal shifting.
  • Slide the outer section of the box over the exposed end of your TV. Use Paper Packing Tape along the edge of the outer box to securely connect it to the inner section and seal the box.

Two DIY movers load a Flat Screen TV Moving Box onto a U-Haul Moving Truck using the built-in handles to carry it upright.

How to Move a TV Safely

Step 1 – Carry Upright and Load Properly

  • Keep your TV Moving Box upright at all times, especially when it’s loaded onto a truck. This will reduce the likelihood of your TV screen being damaged by the turbulence of the road.
  • Position your TV Moving Box in between two flat, sturdy objects while moving to further limit any jostling during transportation. Alternatively, if there are no heavy items available to stabilize your TV Box, you can use tie-down rope to secure the box to the rub-rails along the truck wall.

Step 2 – Gently Unpack the TV

  • The same core rule applies to unpacking – keep your TV upright. If needed, lean the box against a wall until you’re ready to unbox.
  • Use scissors or a box cutter to safely remove the tape from the TV Moving Box. Then, gently pull the outer section of the box away from the inner section.
  • Lastly, pull the TV itself out of the inner box. Depending on the size of your TV, you may need to phone a friend to remove this comfortably without risking any damage.

Can I Lay a TV Down Flat While Moving It?

You should refrain from laying your TV down flat when you transport it, even when it’s protected by a TV Box. TV screens are fragile and are designed for weight to be distributed around the edges while upright. Laying a TV flat creates tension in the middle of the screen which can lead to cracking when impacted by the vibrations and bumps of a car ride.

Can I Move My TV Using the Original Box?

Yes! Your TV’s original packaging was designed to protect it, and the box is guaranteed to be a perfect fit. However, if you’ve since gotten rid of the included Styrofoam inserts, then you’ll need extra padding. The foam corners in the U-Haul TV Moving Box can also be purchased separately to replace that Styrofoam, and any remaining gaps in the box can be filled with Enviro-Bubble. Lastly, use Paper Packing Tape to seal the box shut again.

Can I Move My TV Without a TV Moving Box?

Yes, but it’s not recommended. A TV Moving Box is the best way to pack and move a TV safely, as it provides both external protection and interior cushion. Unfortunately, some older TV models are simply too bulky to fit into a TV Moving Box, and therefore must be moved without this added protection.

If you must move your TV without a box, then we recommend wrapping your TV in at least three inches of Enviro-Bubble, followed by a Quilted Blanket. Note that you should still wedge your TV between two flat, sturdy items to limit the TV’s movement.

What’s the Best Way to Lift a Flat Screen TV?

We recommend having a partner help to lift your TV, especially if it’s on the larger side. Lifting a big TV by yourself can be a recipe for both damage (to the TV) or potential injury (to you!). It does become much easier once your TV is packed into a U-Haul TV Moving Box thanks to the easy-to-lift handles along the sides of the box. However, as always, make sure you lift and carry your TV upright whenever possible.

Packing Made Easier

Ready to pack up your flat screen TV and get moving? Pick up a TV Moving Box, plus a variety of other specialty moving boxes and moving supplies, from U-Haul! Choose from same-day delivery, FREE in-store pickup from your local store, or standard shipping when you order online with U-Haul.

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