How to Pack and Move a Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TVs are some of the most fragile and uniquely shaped items in a household. They can also be expensive depending on the size and model. That's why learning how to pack and move a TV safely and effectively is such an important part of getting ready for your move. Unlike most household items, you can’t fit a TV in a standard moving box and toss it in the moving truck without a second thought. To prevent damage to your screen, it’s recommended you use the right packing tape, packing supplies, and techniques to pack your TV for moving correctly. 

If you’re looking to pack your prized flat screen TV for moving so it arrives at your new home in one piece, be sure to use the recommended packing supplies and review this guide to get your TV packed and ready for your next move.

TV Moving Box Kit

Recommended Packing Supplies

The U-Haul TV Moving Box provides factory-quality protection so you can rest assured your TV is safe while it rests in the back of your moving truck. The kit comes with four foam cushions and two double walled boxes that can be expanded (or contracted) to accommodate TVs between 32 and 70 inches. Using a TV packing and moving kit is the best way to move a TV without issues.

Additional Recommended Packing Supplies (not included):

Order a TV Box

Need to move a TV larger than 70 inches?

Check out our Extra-Large TV Moving Box, designed to pack and move TVs up to 86 inches!

How to Pack a TV for Moving

1. Disassemble

  • Before you begin disassembling your entertainment set up, consider taking photos of how everything is connected. That way, you can reference your photos when you’re setting everything back up at your new home if needed.
  • Unplug all the cords from the back of the TV. Locate the power cord and roll it up in a neat coil. Place the power cord and the remote(s) in a clear plastic bag or small container. Set it aside in a safe place to use later.
  • If your TV is on a stand or legs, you will need to remove it. Most stands/legs can be removed with a screwdriver. Safely lay the TV down, screen-side down on a towel or blanket on a flat surface, and carefully remove the stand/legs.
  • Place the screws in the same bag or container as the power cord and remote – you can pack it in a separate moving box or, if you’re using a bag, tape it to the outside of the box to keep everything together.

2. Protect the Screen

  • If you are using the Flat Screen TV Cover, start by placing that on your TV. The cover easily slips on and off TVs up to 65” and provides your TV with additional protection from scratches, dust, and debris during your move.
  • Use the foam pieces to protect the TV and prevent it from shifting while it’s inside the box. There are four foam pieces included in your Flat Screen TV Kit – one for each corner of the TV. Break the pieces apart and adjust the sizing as needed.
  • With the TV standing upright, place two foam pieces on the top two corners first. Use Mover’s Wrap to tightly wrap around the foam pieces and secure them in place. Repeat this step on the bottom two corners.
  • For additional protection, use a Furniture Pad to cover the TV after the Mover’s Wrap is in place.

3. Box the TV and Expand

  • Be sure your TV is standing upright. You may need an extra pair of hands to pack your TV. Slide your TV into the inner section of the box first. Then slide the outer section of the box over the exposed end of the TV.
  • In most cases, you'll need to expand the box to fit larger televisions. This expandable feature allows you to fit TVs that range in size from 32’’ to 70’’.
  • Use Furniture Pads (or towels or sheets) to fill empty spaces in between the top of the box and the TV. This will keep the TV securely in place and prevent it from shifting too much during your move.
  • Use Box Tape to securely connect the outer and inner sections of the box.

How to Move a TV Safely

1. Carry Upright and Load Properly

  • When you load the box into your moving truck, be sure to keep it upright at all times. This is the best way to move a flat screen TV, as it will prevent vibrations and bumps in the road from potentially damaging the screen.
  • We recommend storing your TV Kit in between two flat, sturdy objects, like next to your mattress or dresser while it’s in the moving truck, cargo van, or trailer. This will help ensure your TV doesn’t fall over while you drive to your new home. It also keeps movement to minimum.
  • If you don't have two heavy objects available to help secure your TV, use tie-down rope to secure the box to the rub-rails located inside the back of your moving truck or against the wall of your U-Box Container.

2. Gently Unpack the TV

  • Be sure your TV is unloaded from your truck and moved into your new home in an upright position at all times. Lean it against a wall until you’re ready to un-box.
  • Use scissors or a box cutter to safely remove the tape from the box. Gently pull the outer section of the TV box away from the inner section after the tape is cut.
  • If needed, use an extra pair of hands to gently pull the TV from the inner box after it’s opened.
Need help assembling your TV Moving Box?

If you haven’t assembled your TV Moving Box yet, refer to this step-by-step guide to get started. If you’re using the Medium TV Moving Box, refer to the video below for packing and moving instructions.

Can I Lay My TV Flat When Moving It? 

You can lay a TV flat on its side. In fact, that’s often the best way to access and remove the stand(s). Be sure to lay it on a soft surface if you do so, like a blanket. When it’s time to pack and move the TV, be sure to keep it upright throughout the process. Laying a TV on its side puts more pressure on the screen and internal components, making it more susceptible to damage, especially during transport. 

Can I Move My TV Without a TV Moving Box? 

Yes, but it’s not recommended. Using a TV moving box is the best way to pack and move a TV safely, as it provides external protection, interior cushion, and immobilization. If you absolutely need to move a TV without a box, we recommend you wrap the TV in at least three inches of Large Enviro-Bubble, then wrap it in a furniture pad and gently wedge it between two large pieces of furniture. 

What’s the Best Way to Lift a Flat Screen TV? 

We recommend getting a partner’s help to lift your TV, especially if it’s on the larger side. Trying to lift a large TV alone is a recipe for dropping your TV, and potentially injuring yourself in the process. Be sure to lift and carry the TV upright where possible to reduce potential damage. After the TV is packed in a TV moving box, use the easy-to-lift handles to comfortably lift and carry your television as needed.  

How to Pack a Medium TV or Monitor for Moving 

The Medium-Sized Flat Screen TV Kit is designed for TVs and computer monitors up to 40”. Like the Flat Panel TV Kit, this TV moving box provides factory-grade protection for smaller-sized flat screen TVs and computer monitors. Assembling the medium-sized kit involves the same steps as the Flat Panel Kit shown above. Follow the steps shown above to properly pack and move your medium-sized screen.

Packing Made Easier

Ready to pack your flat screen TV for moving and get your move underway? Find both Flat Panel TV Kits as well as a variety of other specialty moving boxes for sale and other moving supplies today. For added convenience, order your moving boxes and have them delivered right to your door step.

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