How to Pack a Closet for Moving

Whether you’re somewhat of hoarder or a full on minimalist, packing a closet for moving can be tougher than you might think; it’s not quite as simple as tossing your garments in a box and calling it a day. If you have dress shirts, blouses, expensive suits, or other delicate items that need packing, you’ll be better off discovering how to pack clothes for moving the right way. Not only will this keep your clothing wrinkle-free, but it will also make your move easier.

Keep your clothing in pristine condition during your move by following these six simple steps for packing your closet for moving.

1. Gather some Wardrobe Boxes and other packing supplies

Moving your closet and everything inside requires only a few specialty boxes and some other general packing supplies which can be picked up at your local U-Haul location or delivered to your door step.

Recommend closet-moving boxes and other supplies:

2. Clean out your closet

Go through your closet and pull out anything you no longer wear or need. Use a trash bag or extra box to collect these items. Once you have a good pile going, you can take it to a donation center, sell the gently-used articles to a thrift store or give them away to friends and family. Not only is this the eco-friendly thing to do, it will also making packing easier when the time comes.

3. Do your laundry

Be sure your dirty clothes are clean before packing. Even seemingly clean clothes can carry dust and odors that may contaminate other clothing when tightly packed together. Also be sure to allow your clothing to dry completely, as damp clothes densely packed in a tight space can lead to mildew growth and bad odors, which is not what you want when it comes to your wardrobe. This is especially true if you're packing your clothes for storage.

4. Start with clothes that are not in season

Whatever season it is when you begin packing, pack the clothes for the opposite time of year first. For example if you’re packing in winter, start with bathing suits, shorts, tank tops and other warm weather clothing, and vice versa if you’re packing in the summer. This will help you get a big head start on your packing if time permits.

5. How to pack clothes for moving

With your closet purged and your clothing cleaned, you can begin to pack it all up. Keep your Moving and Wardrobe Boxes, Box Tape and Box Markers hnady so you stay organized, and keep these clothes packing tips in mind.

Packing hanging clothes

If you’re wondering how to pack a lot of hanging clothes, look no further than U-Haul Wardrobe Boxes. These specialty boxes allow you to leave your hanging clothes on the hangers while in transit, so delicate blouses, dress shirts, blazers and other sensitive items don’t develop crease or wrinkles. Each box is designed to accommodate two feet of storage space, so keep that in mind as you plan.

Packing non-hanging clothes

Remember to avoid over-stuffing your boxes when you pack non-hanging, or folded, clothing. This keeps your boxes light and prevents the bottom of the box from falling out (clothes end up being heavier than you might think!) If desired, line your cardboard boxes in newspaper to provide additional protection from rain, dust and debris during the move. The Laydown Wadrobe Box is ideal for packing folded items, like pants, blankets, seasonal clothing, and more.

Vacuum seal and use garment bags

Garment bags are used to protect delicate clothes from humidity and dust, making them an ideal solution for items like wedding dresses and other sentimental items. Vacuum sealing provides similar protection while allowing you to maximize your packing space. An additional space-saving hack: repurpose your family’s suitcases and duffle bags and pack your vacuumed-sealed, folded clothing there.

Keep things separated

It may be tempting to maximize space as best you can by combining shoes, clothing and accessories in the same boxes. But the truth is you’re better off keeping your items separated, especially if they’re delicate or fragile. It’s all too easy for softer items like hats to be crushed and lose their shape under the weight of heavy clothing or shoes. Use a Small or Medium Box for each category of garment instead.

6. Best way to pack shoes for moving

When packing your shoes, start by making sure they’re all clean and clear of dirt or excessive dust, then use Clear Shoe Boxes or the original packaging to make sure your shoe collection remains clean and dry during the move. You can then consolidate shoe boxes in a larger moving box to make moving easier. If you have especially flimsy shoes, consider placing some crumpled newspaper inside to ensure they keep their shape during the move.

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