What Makes U-Haul Packing Tape Superior?

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Throughout the world of moving and packing supplies, few products are as crucial as packing tape. Since it was first invented, packing tape has been the go-to for any mover or do-it-yourself mover, for anything from sealing up boxes to securing miscellaneous items. Tape has always been the go-to for anything needing binding or concealing something in a box. Well, at U-Haul, we know Boxes and Moving supplies very well; that is why we have worked very hard to develop a type of tape that will give you all the adhesive strength and binding you'll need.

For decades, tape is a staple for all things regarding painting, moving, and arts & crafts. Depending on the kind of tape you use, the only problem will depend on its strength and adhesive characteristics, which will aid you in your move. That is why U-Haul recommends using our packaging tape because it is specifically designed and engineered to give you the maximum amount of coverage while ensuring durability. Unlike the competition, we go above and beyond the status quo to bring consumers the latest innovations in adhesion and tape solutions to help make moving more accessible for all.

Throughout this article, we will give you an inside look at why U-Haul packaging tape is a step above the competition to ensure all your belongings arrive safely to their new destination.

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A Step Above The Rest

For decades U-Haul® has led the innovation in all things packaging tape and moving supplies. At U-Haul®, we are always going to great lengths to provide our customers the most ergonomic and user-friendly products to Make Moving Easier®. At the same time, synthetic tape can be a hassle to use due to its very sticky adhesive and crinkling characteristics. That is why U-Haul thinks differently when it comes to packing tape; we are always ready to think outside the box, "literally." The most common packing tape is acrylic-based tape, which is corrugated, allowing a wide variety of uses. But the problem with most acrylic styles of tape is that they can be hard to use and be prone to sticking to everything it touches, even itself.

Furthermore, it can even be a more significant challenge to cut this type of tape because it does not have the properties to tear by hand. The issue with that is that when you go to try and trim the useful piece you require, this type of tape can cause wrinkling and improper adhesion to the product you intend to use. If you frequently work with corrugated boxes, acrylic packing tape is an excellent choice. It instantly bonds to corrugated surfaces with little pressure, which is why it is so commonly referred to as box tape or carton sealing tape. Acrylic tapes offer high clarity, outstanding UV resistance, work phenomenally in extreme temperatures and are very affordable. They are dependable, versatile, and an excellent choice for various packaging applications, as they can be applied by hand or with a machine.

Now where U-Haul® comes in to help take a step further in this is our proprietary paper packing tape which gives you the ability to have more flexibility without the extensive uneven tearing or unease of trying to cut the perfect amount for your application.

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Tears By Hand

Among many great attributes that tape can provide consumers in bonding and adhesive properties, one of the most significant issues users face is the ability to tear by hand. Most packing tape you find today requires a form of cutting, requiring a sharp edge or tape gun with a serrated edge to make a cut at the desired length. Fortunately, U-Haul figured out a way to give consumers the ability to have the edge when they need that perfect size of packing tape for whatever use.

One of the biggest problems that do-it-yourself movers and tape consumers have is the ability to easily tear the tape by hand, especially while in the middle of a task or closing a moving box. The most common type of tape is Hot Melt Packing Tape; this is a clear tape you find in most department stores in the moving aisle. What they don't tell you is that not all tape is created equal; that is why U-Haul takes pride in producing the very best packaging tape solutions to fill movers' needs when it counts.

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The great thing about tape is that it has so many variables and characteristics to complete a task or a job. For example, when we designed our 100% Made In The USA paper packing tape, we wanted to give the user more flexibility while providing the best adhesion-promoting capabilities. The great thing about our packaging tape is that it is not just for sealing the standard small, medium, or large moving box. When you are using our Packing Paper, you will need to adhere it around the object you are trying to wrap to ensure maximum protection for when it counts most.

Instead of synthetic acrylic material, our packing tape has a strong layer of paper with a unique adhesion-promoting adhesive that will bond to all our corrugated materials that we offer. It is also great for our multitude of supplemental products, including cushion foam, packing paper, and foam pouches kit, to name a few. Our tape has a top layer of paper material that binds your boxes and moving supplies with ease, both in the form of proper adhesion, strength, and the ability to get the right size piece of tape without needing a sharp edge to cut it.

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Why Buy U-Haul Packing Tape?

U-Haul has been trusted for more than 75 years to provide the do-it-yourself mover to be able to move far and wide with many tools to get the job done. Since the corrugated box was first invented, we have been pushing the envelope to create a better solution to make moving as easy as possible. We take great pride in talking to our consumers and do-it-yourself movers to find out the answers to the problems they face on a day-to-day basis. In doing so, we can go directly to our innovative staff to create the products to fill the void of a problem.

Buying our packing tape will not only be effective for the use you need it for but ultimately help you save time and money when you need it most. Our Boxes & Moving Supplies are constantly improving on making moving easier each day with innovative products and services to reach our goal of Moving Made Easier!

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