Keeping Your TV Static Free With U-Haul


As modern technology progresses, so does the way people move and travel throughout the country and the world. For the last decade, television technology has moved forward at an unprecedented rate, unlike anything consumers have seen in modern times. Each year individuals, families, and businesses alike will make small or extensive moves throughout the country. Your television is one of the most important investments you will make due to its nature of multi-usage capabilities, whether you're watching your favorite TV show with the family or making a presentation within your business. Ensuring your television is safe while moving is key for a longstanding investment.

For years, U-Haul has innovated a series of products to aid consumers in moving a TV. To keep up with modern technology, the U-Haul Boxes & Moving Supplies division tests and develops products to help protect against moisture, physical damage and most importantly, harmful static electricity that can ruin the most fragile and costly flat-screen TVs. We do this to help keep your television stay in the same condition as the day you packed it up.U-Haul ensures that we keep up with all the latest moving technology to keep your most precious electronic belongings well packed and stored for your next move. Throughout the moving process, one of the most valuable items that each individual, family, or business has to take care of properly is their television. Nowadays, TVs are very complex with varying advanced screen technologies, HDMI ports, and intricate motherboard and circuits that one wrong move can mean disaster for the owner. Using the proper packing techniques and moving essentials to ensure that one of your most valuable items is taken care of is something we take great pride in at U-Haul.

We do this to ensure that your TV arrives at your new destination the same way you packed it. For years, U-Haul has developed moving and packing essentials for your television to provide peace of mind and a sense of security for your prized posessons. Nowadays, TVs can cost upwards of $5,000, so it is a no-brainer that anyone would want to give their TV the best protection possible. Besides damage protection for a television's structure, you have to know how much static electricity can damage your TV, just as physical damage can.

That is why U-Haul developed a solution to inhibit static electricity from damaging your TV. You're probably wondering why static electricity is bad for your television; well, throughout this entire overview, U-Haul will give you all the information on why it is necessary to use a U-Haul Anti-Static Cover to protect your valuable TV.

Keep Your TV Protected

During the moving process, do-it-yourself movers need to take steps to ensure their television has the proper protection while it is in storage, moving on a truck, or even during a home renovation. One of the critical things other than protecting the screen, components, and structure of the TV itself is ensuring that it gets the proper coverage to ensure that harmful contaminants don't get into your TV's most essential parts. There are many ways to ensure that your TV stays safe, including getting the correct TV box from U-Haul; we offer a variety of sizes ranging from 32 to 86 inches. Anytime you store, ship, or move your television, you must take steps to keep your expensive investment intact from harmful contaminants and physical damage.

You may be thinking of keeping your television safe by getting cushion foam, a scratch-resistant cover, and a box to put it in, and yes, you would be correct. Still, there is something that most self-movers don't think about when it comes to protecting their television. What this is, is static electricity! Static electricity is the imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of a material. The charge remains until it is able to move away by the means of a discharge. In this case, that discharge could be to your Televisions most sensitive components causing serious and sometimes unrepairable damage.

The great thing about U-Haul TV protection products is the ability to offer a wide selection of needs for any consumer, no matter how small or big the move or storage needs may be. Below are just some of the tips and trick we recommend to our consumers when using not only the anti-static television cover but our complete line of TV moving boxes and supplies:

  • Be sure your TV is standing upright. You may need an extra pair of hands to pack your TV. Slide your TV into the inner section of the box first. Then slide the second outer section of the box over the exposed end of the TV.
  • In most cases, you'll need to telescope the outer sections to fit larger televisions. This telescoping feature allows you to pack TVs that range in size from 32'" to 70'"
  • Use Furniture Pads (or towels or sheets) to fill any empty spaces you see in between the top of the box and the TV. It will keep the TV securely in place and prevent it from shifting too much during your move.
  • Interlock the handholds or use Box Tape to connect and seal the outer and inner box sections securely.
  • Ensure that you cover the screen with a U-Haul Anti-Static TV Cover first, followed by a Foam TV Cover for cushion.

Why Static Electricity Is Bad For Your TV?

Nowadays, flat-screen TVs are becoming so revolutionary in their technology that they are intertwined with our daily lives. During a move, in storage or during a home renovation; quality protection is paramount in ensuring your TV arrives safely to your new destination. You may think when it comes to protecting your television, it seems repetitive to the first part of the sentence. That is true, but significantly more, and sometimes unrepairable, damage can happen to your TV caused by static electrical discharges.

Electrical currents can cause shorts within the computer boards, display pixels, and components, especially in conditions such as a storage unit, dusty home renovation, and even during transit in a U-Haul Moving Truck.

Static Electricity & Home Renovation

While you’re renovating your home or business, many materials such as saw dust from cutting wood, drywall dust, and others can become airborne during the process. These airborne materials create a dry environment that are conducive to static electricity. Although every home electronic is susceptible to static electricity, your television is the most vulnerable. You're probably asking yourself, why is that? The main reason is that every modern TV hasadvances display pixels and motherboards that relay light output to produce the picture on the screen.

When static electricity is produced, two particles are rubbing together with a high rate of friction; with the number of materials moving around during a home renovation, it is clear you need to protect your television in more ways. That is why U-Haul has a perfect solution in the Anti-Static TV cover, which blocks electrically charged particles from transferring into your television which can cause damage to vital components rendering useless.


Why Purchase A U-Haul Anti-Static TV Cover?

As mentioned earlier, televisions can be one of the most expensive investments you will make before your car or house. Static electricity can be a significant hazard to your TV and static electricity is an electrical charge. Particles floating in the air are something that can be conducive to static potential. I think we may have the two mixed up.The most significant way any individual can be proactive to protect their TV is to attain the proper packing essentials to protect your television from physical damage.

Not only does the U-Haul Anti-Static TV Cover Anti-Static TV cover protect from static electricity, but it also protects your television from the elements, dirt, dust and debris during transit so your TV arrives nice and clean to your new destination.Protection against moisture, dirt, dust, and will ensure a long TV service life for you and your family. It doesn't matter if you're planning on moving long or far or stowing your television in storage; ensuring it has the proper protection will give you and your family the ability to create lasting memories for years to come. To purchase a U-Haul Anti-Static TV Cover, visit us online or go directly to one of our nationwide U-Haul centers for more information or to order today!

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