Organizing Boxes for Moving & Storage with the U-Haul My Belongings Organizer

Moving to a new home or storing items for a long time can be daunting. One of the most important aspects is organizing moving boxes in an accessible way so that items can be easily found when needed, whether they are kept in a storage unit or somewhere in your home.

The U-Haul My Belongings Organizer is an effective box management solution that saves time and effort, reduces confusion and stress, and helps to prevent damage to your items. In this article, we'll explore how to use the My Belongings Organizer to organize your boxes for moving and/or safekeeping in a storage unit. Get started today by downloading the U-Haul App!

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What Is the My Belongings Organizer?

The My Belongings Organizer is an efficient and simple way to keep track of your boxed-up items and remain organized while moving. Instead of only labeling boxes the old-fashioned way with a marker, this feature available in the U-Haul App helps you to take inventory of your moving boxes and their contents, add specific labels, add photos of items inside, then have that information with you wherever you go. You will never need Wi-Fi to access your box information, and all data is stored locally on your device – this means that U-Haul has no way of knowing the contents of your boxes.

How to Use the My Belongings Organizer

The My Belongings Organizer is designed to be a user-friendly time-saver. To get started, simply download the U-Haul App (if you don't already have it). Once you've opened the app, tap the “Tools” icon at the bottom of the screen, then tap “My Belongings Organizer” to begin.

Creating Boxes and Adding Items

Tap the "+" symbol to create a box. Give this box a name (like “Halloween Decorations”) and identify the location its being kept (such as “Garage”). Then, toggle on the ‘container’ feature and begin adding a list of the items inside your box. For example, if you’re creating a box for Halloween decorations, you would create an itemized list of all the decorations in the box, along with a photo of the contents for clarity. You can add items manually or use voice-to-text to quickly generate your list. With the help of the U-Haul App and My Belongings Organizer, your plain old moving box is upgraded to a smart box.

You aren’t limited to just standard boxes either. The possibilities of the U-Haul My Belongings Organizer are truly endless if you get creative. Some examples include:

  • Artwork – assigning photos to your packaged artwork means you’ll know exactly what is inside.
  • Collectables – refer back to a list of vinyl records, comic books, or trading cards you already own
  • Trash bags – this lazy (or genius?) moving tactic becomes a lot more organized when labeled

And those are just the tip of the iceberg! We're still discovering new uses for the My Belongings Organizer every day.

Searching for Stored Items

Once you've created your boxes and added items, you can use the My Belongings Organizer to quickly search for your items as needed. For example, when Halloween rolls around next year and you're wondering where you put that 6-foot-tall skeleton decoration, simply search "Halloween" to find the correct box. Then, you can reference your photo or quickly scroll through the contents of the box to confirm that it has your skeleton decoration.

This also means that you can keep track of items across multiple storage locations, whether that’s just your garage and guest room or as distant as two storage units in different states. The U-Haul My Belongings Organizer works perfectly with a U-Box® container too – if you need to retrieve a specific item from U-Box® storage, you can easily identify the box to be pulled without disrupting much. As long as your items are logged in your My Belongings Organizer, you will always know precisely where they are.

Managing Boxes

Things are always changing. If you've purged some items since you originally stored them, you can easily make edits to your inventory. You can remove items, change the name or location of a box, add a new photo, or even remove boxes altogether to ensure your inventory is accurate. Keeping your My Belongings Organizer up to date is the easiest way to keep track of your belongings.

Benefits of Using the My Belongings Organizer

The U-Haul My Belongings Organizer offers several benefits for those looking for box organization solutions when moving or storing their belongings. These benefits include:

Saving time and effort – By labeling boxes with the My Belongings Organizer, you can easily reference the contents of each box, making it easier to find what you need quickly. This saves time and effort when unpacking or searching for specific items within a set of boxes.

Reducing confusion and stress – Moving and storage can be stressful, but the U-Haul My Belongings Organizer can help to reduce confusion and stress. When boxes are labeled clearly and accurately, it is easier to keep track of what you have and where it’s found.

Helping to prevent damage to items – Thorough labeling can also help to prevent damage to your items. By labeling boxes properly with special handling instructions and warnings for fragile contents, you ensure that these items are treated with care by anyone involved in the moving or storage process.

U-Haul Smart Labels: The Best Way to Label Moving Boxes

Pairing Smart Labels with the My Belongings Organizer is the most efficient way to quickly access and manage your stored items. These moving labels each feature a unique QR code and can be taped to the exterior of moving boxes, allowing you to quickly scan the code and view the contents of the box on your phone. Even if you already have boxes listed in your My Belongings Organizer, you can still edit them to assign a QR code label for added convenience.

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