Propane Refill vs Exchange

Two people prepping their propane grill at a tailgate party.

Everyone is coming over for the big game this weekend. As you’re making the checklist, you have the obvious to-do tasks like grocery shopping, getting the coolers ready, and providing enough seating. What about your propane tank? Is it full and ready to grill for all your guests? If not, it’s time to re-up.

But should you refill your tank, or just exchange it for a new one? Although it may seem easier to simply exchange it, there are several reasons you’re better off refilling it instead.

Here are three reasons it’s better to refill your propane tank instead of exchanging it.

1. Refilling Costs Less

At most U-Haul propane tank refill locations, the cost of refilling a tank will range from approximately $3.00 to $4.00 per gallon. Conversely, propane tank exchange comes at a higher price, ranging from $5.00 to $6.00 per gallon. By opting to refill your propane tank, you can save more on a per-gallon basis. That's more money in your pocket for stocking up on food to grill!

Not sure if it’s time to refill?

Use this guide to learn how to tell how much propane is left in your tank.

2. Refilling is a Better Value

When you choose to refill your propane tank instead of exchanging it, you are making a smarter investment. Unlike many companies that only fill their 20 lb. propane exchange tanks to 15 lbs., we ensure that you receive a full tank for the price you pay. By opting for a refill, you are getting your money's worth in return. Moreover, having that additional amount of propane in your tank translates to fewer refills, ultimately saving you valuable time in the long run.

The graphic below helps show that you'll be getting 33 percent more when you refill your 20 lb. propane tank rather than exchanging it:

The bottom line: If your propane tank is not completely empty, exchanging it for a new one will result in the loss of the remaining propane. However, by refilling your propane tank, you can keep the propane you have paid for and only pay for the amount you need. This ensures that you maximize the value of your purchase while minimizing any unnecessary expenses.

3. Refilling is Just as Convenient

Many assume that it’s more convenient to exchange propane tanks rather than refill them. But the truth is, refilling your propane tank is often just quick and effortless. With over 1,100 U-Haul refill locations, there is sure to be a location near you. Plus, U-Haul refill stations have trained, certified team members to help you fill up your tank and get you back to your grill as quickly as possible. You don’t even have to go inside! Just ring the bell and a team member will promptly come outside to help you.

For More Information About Refilling Your Propane Tank


How to Refill Your Propane Tank

Follow these instructions to properly transport and refill your propane tank safely.

Propane Tank Refill at U-Haul

As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of U-Haul refill locations for your propane needs. Plus, it’s super easy! Drive up to the refill station with your tank, push the bell, and a certified attendant will come over and fill your tank – then pay at the tank with your credit card. No going inside to find someone to unlock the cage. No going inside to pay. Filling your propane at U-Haul is quick, simple, and will save you money!

We prioritize safety with all of our equipment and moving experiences. The same goes for propane. When you bring your tank to U-Haul for a refill, we offer a free inspection of your tank to check for any rust, dents, or any issue with the valve. Maintaining your tank is considered to be one of the cons of refilling your tank, but we’re here to help you with that as well. If your current tank is no longer safe to use or refill, then we can sell you a new tank and fill it on the spot. U-Haul also offers propane exchange if you’d prefer.

Overall, propane and the tanks are very safe. Propane itself is very safe because it’s non-toxic. Tanks are designed with the consumer in mind through the inclusion of the easy turn-on/off valve and the pressure relief valve for self-regulating in extreme temperatures. U-Haul tanks are extremely durable, and all of our tanks are manufactured and certified for 12 years.

Prices may vary at each U-Haul propane location, so find the right location near you and get your propane tank refilled today!

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