When to Refill Your Propane Tank

How do I know how much propane is left?

An empty tank isn’t cooking anything! Avoid those last-minute refills before your next backyard event by using one of these helpful tools to check your propane level ahead of time.

Bluetooth Propane Gauge

There are several Bluetooth propane gauges on the market that allow you to track your tank’s propane level via an app on your phone. Some models affix to the top of the tank while others are attached to the tank magnetically, but most all of them provide an accurate reading in seconds through a clean mobile display. Just make sure that you remove the gauge if you choose to exchange your tank!

Standard Fuel Gauge

U-Haul offers a propane gas level indicator that easily attaches to the top of a propane tank. When the arrow on the gauge points to the yellow, that means your propane is low. When the arrow points to red, you should look to refill your tank soon or risk running out.

Magnetic Propane Indicator

U-Haul also offers a magnetic propane gas level indicator that sticks to the side of a propane tank. Unlike the Bluetooth magnetic gauges, this indicator displays the fuel level directly on the tank, but it does require the gas to be on and takes around 10 minutes to deliver an accurate reading on your propane.

Save money by refilling your tank instead of exchanging

The average cost to exchange a propane tank is 20% higher than simply refilling your tank! Plus, by keeping your same tank, you ensure that you aren’t wasting money by forfeiting any remaining fuel left in your tank. Our comprehensive Propane Refill vs. Exchange article explores more of the reasons why it makes the most sense to refill and reuse.

Transport your tank safely

Close your tank valve – Make sure that the valve on your propane tank is closed tightly to prevent any propane from leaking out during transportation. Place your dust cap over the tank valve for safe transit. If you don’t have one, request a complimentary dust cap from a U-Haul attendant during your next refill.

Secure your tank – Use a Tankfoot, EZGO® tank holder, or milk crate to secure the bottom of your tank and keep it upright. This ensures that the OPD valve and pressure relief valve can function properly.

Ensure proper ventilation – It is not recommended that you transport your tank inside of a vehicle (like the back seat of a car). If you must, then roll down the rear windows to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in case your tank valve comes loose.

If you need to refill your propane tank, download the U-Haul App or use the propane location finder on our website to discover a U-Haul refill station near you. With 1,100+ locations open 7 days a week and thousands of propane-certified team members, U-Haul can get your tank refilled today!

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