5 Reasons for Summer Storage

The summer is a fun time for everyone. The kids have more free time or are even back at home from college. Your family has planned this upcoming vacation for months. There will be many weekends to take your boat to the lake and enjoy time with family and friends. There is a lot to do this summer and self-storage can help you tackle your plans. Using a storage unit during the summer allows you more space in your house and even a place to safely store the boat when you’re on an RV trip or vice versa. Here are five reasons to use summer storage:

1. Climate Control Storage

Summer months have temperatures that can exceed 100 degrees in many parts of the country. How does that affect what you’re storing? The extreme heat can damage the items you store in the garage, attic, or shed. Metal, wood, and plastics all tend to warp or crack from very hot temperatures. More delicate items like clothing, photos, books, and antiques can also be damaged when exposed to heat and harmful humidity. Don’t accidentally ruin great grandma’s family heirlooms by not storing them in a climate-controlled unit.

Using U-Haul Climate Controlled Storage will keep all your belongings safe. These units are located inside a building and kept at a comfortable range between 65 and 85 degrees. Your sentimental items will be protected from the high heat and harmful humidity.

2. Winter Clothes Storage

Winter clothes are big, bulky, and great at keeping you warm. However, you simply don’t need them taking up space in your closet during the summer. Putting your winter clothes in storage for the summer gives you more space in your home and an easier time finding other clothes you wear during summer.

Here are a few winter clothes to consider storing:

  • Heavy coats & jackets
  • Sweaters
  • Vests
  • Thick pants
  • Scarves, earmuffs, gloves
  • Socks and boots

It’s important to organize and clean your clothes before storing them. If you’re packing away snow boots and other outdoor winter clothing you’ll also want to be sure your winter clothing is clean and dry prior to storage. The reason is dirt, dust, and grime often leave a lasting impression on fabrics, affecting the color, feel, and look over time. Take time to run your items through the wash before storage. This is one of five proven tips for winter clothes storage.

3. Snow Gear Storage

It’s time to trade in your snowboard for that wakeboard. Skiing and snowboarding is a great time, but it requires a good amount of gear. There is only so much space in your garage or shed for it. That’s where summer storage comes in. Storing all your gear properly will result in it lasting longer and maintaining its condition. Storing all your items in one dedicated area makes it easier to transition from winter-time equipment to summer fun. Using a climate-controlled unit will also keep these expensive items in good care. Store snow gear in a dry location because water will corrode your equipment, and mold thrives in damp environments.

Here is what to store for the summer:

  • Skis
  • Poles
  • Snowboards
  • Helmets
  • Goggles
  • Sleds
  • Ski/Snowboard Boots
  • Shovels
  • Tire Chains

4. RV and Boat Storage

But isn’t summer the perfect time to use your RV or boat? Why would you put it in storage? RV and boats are large and valuable. If you’re away from your home for a vacation without an RV or boat, you’ll want it secure and protected from the harmful sun instead of sitting in your driveway.

U-Haul vehicle storage spaces are up to 45 feet in length to accommodate any sized RV or boat, or car. These spaces include enclosed, covered, and uncovered storage spaces. These facilities can also be used for cars, pickup trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, or other vehicles. Select locations offer 24-hour access to your vehicle, on-site electrical outlets and dump stations, and controlled gate access. We offer open vehicle storage, covered storage, and indoor and enclosed storage.

Learn more about vehicle storage:

5. College Storage

Parents seem to be surprised how much their college students can fit into a dorm room or college apartment. There might not be room in your home for all these additional items, making summer storage essential for your college student.

It’s even easier with Collegeboxes, the No.1 student storage and shipping provider, powered by U-Haul. By using the Storage and Shipping service, there’s no need to load a car with boxes, check bags at the airport, and haul belongings to and from campus. We do the heavy lifting for you. Ship what you want, store what you want – any combination. The process is customized to your needs every step of the way.

U-Haul has the most coverage in North America and with self-storage facilities in all 50 states, we can store your belongings close to your school while utilizing industry-leading storage features and advantages from U-Haul.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need for Summer Storage?

Now that you have reasons to use summer storage, you’re probably wondering what size storage unit suits you best. Using the storage unit size guide, you’ll be able to determine what size you need for your belongings.

Small Storage Units 0—50 sq. ft.

  • Free up some extra space at home with our small storage units. Ideal for seasonal storage, items in between semesters, or for those looking to make room in a closet or bedroom at home. Sizes include storage lockers, and sizes ranging between 5' x 5' and 5' x 10'.

Medium Storage Units 51—150 sq. ft.

  • Our medium storage units are perfect for customers who need flexibility during key life events. Ideal for customers who are moving in between homes/apartments, remodeling, or looking to make space at home. Sizes range from a 5' x 15' up to a 10' x 15' storage unit.

Large Storage Units 150+ sq. ft.

  • If you have an entire household's worth of items to store, a large storage unit is the perfect fit. These storage units are ideal for storing your belongings during deployment, in between home closings, or during a full home renovation. Sizes range from a 10' x 20' up to a 10' x 30' storage unit.

Don’t let limited space ruin your summer plans. We have thousands of storage facilities available throughout North America, so you’re guaranteed to find a location nearby. Find a storage unit near you today!

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