Expert Tips on How to Pack a Self-Storage Unit

Expert storage unit packing tips from U-Haul.

Much like packing a moving truck, packing a self-storage unit takes a bit of planning and skill. The goal is to maximize your available space in the most efficient way, but still maintain easy access to your items in case you need them from storage. How do you do this? Simply use the tips below when you pack your storage unit.

1. Leave an Open Walkway

When packing your unit, be sure to leave a small path through the middle of the unit. If you need to retrieve something later, you won’t need to unpack your entire unit to access it, even if that item is packed away near the back of the unit. It may feel like an ineffective use of space at first, but you’ll be grateful for it when you need to find something!

2. Use Boxes and Labels

Maximizing the space in your storage unit means cleverly arranging your items to fit together, and this is easily done with moving boxes designed for stacking. The sturdy side walls of U-Haul moving boxes let you utilize all of the vertical space in the unit. And don’t forget to label your boxes! U-Haul offers both physical moving labels and a digital organizing system through the U-Haul App.

3. Take Inventory

Before packing up all of your items, you should make a list of exactly what is going into your storage unit. This is where the My Belongings Organizer shines. This free tool in the U-Haul App enables you to take inventory of your moving boxes by documenting the contents of each box, adding specific labels, adding photos of the boxes and/or items inside, and even noting locations. Then, you have that information in your phone for whenever you might need it! This can be especially important for insurance claims, as it’s otherwise challenging to provide an accurate account of your things. All information is stored locally on your device as well, so only you can see your lists.

4. Use Covers for Furniture

Your storage facility may be clean, but the staff most likely isn’t cleaning inside your unit when it’s in use! Be sure to cover your furniture to protect it from dust and moisture. U-Haul offers mattress bags, couch covers, chair covers, and bedding storage bags that are all available for same-day delivery.

5. Pack from Tallest to Shortest

Your tallest and bulkiest items like furniture and mattresses should be closest to the walls of your unit, while your shorter items should be arranged up front. This will give you a clear view of what’s inside your storage unit at first glance, making it easy to find what you need.

Hopefully these tips have made the idea of packing your storage unit a bit less daunting. If you’re still looking for a unit, visit our Storage Unit Size Guide to learn which size will best fit your needs. You can also check out more self-storage tips here.

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