How to Store Seasonal Items and Holiday Decorations in Self-Storage

A couple moving things into a U-Haul self-storage unit.

Just as one holiday ends, another one begins. That means it’s time to untangle those Christmas lights and dust off the Halloween decorations. Most of us keep our yearly decorations and seasonal items packed away somewhere, so we don’t have to buy new items yearly. That’s why it’s especially important you take care of your seasonal items properly, so come fall, you don’t need to purchase another harvest wreath or set of lights. Keeping them stored in a self-storage facility is a great way to free up space at home or in the garage for items you’ll need year round, as opposed to seasonally.

Here are some helpful tips on how to safely store your artificial Christmas tree, menorah, Easter baskets and more in self-storage year round.

1. Organize Items by Holiday or Occasion

Before you begin, unpack all your seasonal décor and belongings. Sort them into categories based on holiday, season, or occasion. That way, you won’t be digging through your Thanksgiving Day decorations looking for that mistletoe that might have gotten mixed up in your New Year’s decorations.

2. Inventory Your Items

After you’ve sorted and organized your items by holiday, season, or occasion, take an inventory of your belongings. Check that items are in good working condition before packing them back into a box or plastic container. There is nothing more frustrating than putting up lights for the holidays only to find half of them broken. Items to keep an eye on:

  • Christmas lights
  • Ornaments
  • Dishware
  • Photo Frames

If they are damaged, it’s best to let go of these items, unless they have sentimental value to you. If not, you get to make room for new decorations that function properly.

3. Protect your Decorations and Dishware

While you’re going to have some items that are easy to care for, like Christmas stockings, many of the seasonal items we use all year round are very fragile. Taking special care with heirlooms and other traditional items like the menorah and glass decorations is important to remember. Stocking up on packing supplies like bubble cusion for the smaller items (like figurines), biodegradable packing peanuts for larger items (like artificial Christmas tree or Hanukkah decorations).

If you have seasonal dishware and silverware that only comes out for special occasions and holidays, packing those items with care in size-specific Bubble Bags can ensure that your dishes, bowls and glassware are available to use for years to come. There are also Glass Pack and Dish Saver kits that come with the necessary supplies for proper storage of these fragile items

4. Store Items Appropriately

Once you have packed your decorations and other seasonal items, store your items so that you can easily find each box according to when you will need it. The best way to do this is to use a shelf in your storage unit and reserve a spot for each holiday on it with the labeled box or bin.

5. Choose the Right Type of Storage

Because many holiday items can be damaged by the elements, choosing a dry, indoor, climate controlled facility is the best option, especially if items hold sentimental value. If you have large items, like inflatable decorations, or outside decorations that can be exposed to the elements, then you can use a drive-up storage unit.

Choose U-Haul as your seasonal storage place and enjoy the holidays a little more, knowing your items are safe at one of our storage facilities. Find a self-storage facilty near you today.

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