How to Connect and Disconnect a U-Box Trailer



Not every vehicle is capable of towing a U-Box trailer. Make sure the only vehicle you use to tow your U-Box is the vehicle that was specified during the reservation process. Also, make sure to verify your vehicle's towing capacity and check your hitch rating prior to connecting to ensure a safe move.

How to Connect a U-Box Trailer

  1. Back up your towing vehicle so the hitch ball is lined up under the coupler on the tongue of the U-Box trailer.
  2. By rotating the U-Box trailer's tongue jack, lower the trailer's coupler until it completely covers and encloses your tow vehicle's hitch ball.
  3. Turn the handwheel at the front of the trailer clockwise until it is fully tightened. Once tightened, push back on the trailer to make sure it fits well, then re-check to ensure the hand wheel is still tight.
  4. Once the coupler has been properly connected to the hitch ball, pull the retaining pin on the tongue jack, rotate it into the horizontal traveling position.
  5. Next, cross the trailer's right safety chain underneath the tongue and connect it to the left side of your tow vehicle's permanent hitch, frame or bumper brackets. Make sure there's enough slack in the chain to allow your vehicle to turn safely, but not too much slack where the chain is dragging on the ground.
  6. Hook the chain back into itself with the S-hooks, securing the S-hooks with the rubber retainer. 
  7. Repeat these steps to connect the left safety chain to the right side of your tow vehicle's permanent hitch, frame or bumper brackets.
  8. Next, insert the trailer's 4-way flat plug into your tow vehicle's lighting connection system. As with the safety chains, leave enough slack in the lighting wiring for your vehicle to turn safely, but short enough to keep from dragging on the ground.
  9. If your tow vehicle does not have a 4-way flat connection, a U-Haul representative will be happy to assist you with finding the proper solutions and products available for your vehicle.
  10. Test to make sure that the trailer's turn signals and brake lights are in proper working order before driving away.

How to Disconnect a U-Box Trailer

  1. When you are ready to disconnect, park the U-Box trailer on level ground in a straight line with your tow vehicle. Place the vehicle in park, turn off the motor and set the parking brake.
  2. Remove the 4 wheel chocks from their designated holder located at the front of the U-Box container. Place the wheel chocks on the front and rear side of the trailer's tires to prevent it from accidentally moving.
  3. Next, disconnect your safety chains and lighting wiring (4-way flat connection) from your tow vehicle. Return them to their respective storage locations on the trailer's tongue to prevent them from becoming tangled or damaged, and from becoming a potential tripping hazard.
  4. Loosen the hand wheel on the coupler by pressing down on the latch, and rotating the hand wheel counter-clockwise.
  5. Once completely loosened, pull the retaining pin on the tongue jack, rotate the jack down to its vertical position, and release the retaining pin to make sure that it stays in the vertical position.
  6. Turn the tongue jack handle to raise the coupler off of the hitch ball. Once the coupler is clear of the hitch ball, you can pull your tow vehicle forward and away from the trailer.
  7. To stabilize the U-Box trailer, rotate the tongue jack handle to raise or lower the tongue until it's about 2 inches lower at the front (tongue of the trailer) than at the trailer rear.
  8. Lower the rear drop down stabilizers located behind the trailer wheels by removing the pins holding it in place. Once lowered, replace the pins to secure the stabilizers in the vertical position. The stabilizers should be lowered as close to the ground as possible with the retaining pins in place.
  9. Repeat these steps with the rear drop down stabilizer on the other side of the trailer.
  10. Rotate the tongue jack handle to raise the trailer until the stabilizers make contact with the ground. At this point, the trailer should be approximately level with the ground and your U-Box trailer secured.

If you have any questions about connecting or disconnecting your tow vehicle from a U-Box trailer, please refer to the guides on the sides of the trailer itself or ask a local U-Haul representative for assistance. You can also contact your neighborhood U-Haul location.


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