How to hook up a braked U-Haul trailer

Follow along with the video below to learn how to hook up a braked trailer to your vehicle of choice or a U-Haul rental truck.

9 Steps to Hook Up a Braked Trailer

  • Make sure the ball is completely enclosed by the coupler
  • Push up underneath on the ball clamp to engage the spring, while holding the leveler down with your thumb
  • Tighten the handwheel as far as possible and then push back on the trailer and tighten some more
  • Cross the safety chains underneath the tongue attaching to the opposite loop or hitch structure
  • Loop through the attachment point and connect the S hook through one of the links
  • Secure the rubber strap over the S hook
  • Loop the brake chain through the attachment point, closest to center
  • If necessary, twist to take up most of the slack, making it the shortest chain
  • Connect the lights and check, running, turn signals, and brakes

U-Haul Rental Trailer Locations

Now that you know how to hook up a braked U-Haul trailer, find one near you.

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