How To Request Your Own Safe Trailering Demonstrator

The rule of thumb when loading a trailer is to load it heavier in the front. This is proven again in the demonstration in the video above. You may have already seen this video shared online. 

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The Safe Trailering Demonstrator shows something known as the 60/40 rule. To tow a trailer safely, 60 percent of the load weight should be towards the front of the trailer and 40 percent should be towards the back. Remember, the front of the trailer is the side closest to your vehicle.

The Safe Trailering Demonstrator

In 2015, the Safe Trailering Demonstrator made its public debut at NASCAR weekend at Phoenix International Raceway. Since then, it has appeared at many events including trade shows and U-Haul Safe Trailering events. During the demo, you can see what happens when a trailer is loaded correctly and incorrectly.

When the trailer is loaded correctly

The trailer is loaded correctly with more weight in the front. When the model trailer is nudged, the trailer combination starts swaying but then quickly repositions and rights itself. It goes back to safely following in line. The nudge demonstrates driving adversities such as a bump in the road, slight jerk of the steering wheel etc.

When the trailer is loaded incorrectly

The trailer is loaded incorrectly when more weight is added to the rear, making the trailer tail-heavy. Again, the trailer is nudged the same way as before, but this time the trailer combination whips dangerously. This shows that a trailer on the road in this situation could potentially be catastrophic. It is easy to see that, when the trailer combination is loaded incorrectly, the whipping becomes more violent and the trailer combination is out of control.

This demonstration shows the importance in correct weight distribution when loading a trailer. It gives people a great visual and tactile experience of the danger that can occur when towing a trailer that is loaded incorrectly. The overall lesson emphasizes the critical importance of having a heavy enough tongue weight.

U-Haul has found that this demonstration hits home with all types of trailer users. We care about people’s safety when towing and hope that by making the Safe Trailering Demonstrator available, we can help educate the towing community so they can enjoy positive and safe towing experiences. As well as promoting the 60/40 weight distribution rule, U-Haul also encourages everyone who tows to drive slower than normal and to always wear their seatbelt. 

U-Haul furnishes this trailering demonstrator to government, education and industry groups as a public service.  To schedule your event email us at


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