How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a Honda Odyssey (2011-2017)


To add a trailer hitch on a Honda Odyssey you will need a few tools, a Draw-Tite 75270 trailer hitch and about 45 minutes to complete the installation. Follow these basic steps to begin hauling all kinds of hitch-mounted accessories with your Honda Odyssey today.

About the Draw-Tite 75270

The Draw-Tite 75270 is a class 3, bolt-on trailer hitch designed for the Honda Odyssey model years 2011 - 2017. The hitch has a max trailer weight of 4,500 lb. and a max tongue weight of 675 lb. with available weight distribution. There is no welding or drilling required for installation.

Tools needed:

  • Safety glasses 
  • Flathead screwdriver 
  • Socket wrench 
  • ¾ in. socket 
  • ¼ in. socket 
  • 10mm socket 
  • Phillips socket bit 
  • Torque wrench 
  • 5 in. extension

Honda Odyssey (2011-2017) hitch installation steps

1. Remove the underbody paneling

The underbody paneling on the driver is held in place by three plastic fasteners, a 10mm bolt and a screw in the wheel well. Use the flathead screwdriver to pry the fasteners out. Use the 10mm socket to remove the bolt. Use the socket fitted with the Phillips bit to remove the screw.

2. Position the hitch

Use a second pair of hands to lift the hitch into position. Be sure the provided spacers are in between the frame rail and hitch bracket before securing the hitch. Install the provided bolts and conical washers with the teeth facing up and attach the hitch to the frame loosely by hand.

3. Torque the hitch

Use the torque wrench fixed with the ¾-inch socket with the 5-inch extension and torque the bolts to 68 ft. lb. The wrench should make a clicking sound after the correct amount of torque has been applied.

4. Reinstall the underbody paneling

Use the same tools and hardware from step one and return the underbody paneling to its original position.

Once installed, the hitch should measure:

  • 7 in. from the pin hole to the end of the bumper 
  • 4 in. rom the end of the bumper to the receiver 
  • 12 in. from the top of the receiver to the ground

You should now have your Draw-Tite 75270 trailer hitch installed on your Honda Odyssey.

Whatever vehicle you drive, we have a trailer hitch for you. Don’t have the time to install yourself? Schedule a professional installation at and we’ll do the work. If U-Haul doesn’t have a hitch for your vehicle, nobody does!

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