How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a Nissan Titan (2017-2021)


Adding a trailer hitch to a Nissan Titan requires only a few tools, a Curt 13304 trailer hitch, and a short amount of time to complete the installation. This trailer hitch and installation process will work with Nissan Titan model years 2010-2017.

Follow these basic steps to begin hauling trailers and other kinds of hitch-mounted accessories with your Nissan Titan today.

Tools needed:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Torque Wrench
  • Impact Wrench
  • 5” Extension
  • 19mm Socket

Nissan Titan (2017-2021) hitch installation steps

1. Remove Tow Hooks

If present on the vehicle, remove tow hooks prior to installation of the hitch. Each tow hook is attached to the frame via 5 bolts which will need to be removed.

2. Put hitch into position

With both tow hooks removed, the hitch will attach to the frame using the 5 attachment points which the tow hook was previously using. Raise hitch properly into this position. 

3. Secure the hitch to the frame

With the hitch now lined up, install hardware to properly secure it to the vehicle’s frame. 5 bolts and canonical washers will need to be installed on each side of the frame. 

4. Tighten and torque hitch

Tighten and torque all installed hardware to the manufacturer’s specifications using the 19mm socket with the 5” extension. 

You should now have your trailer hitch installed on your Nissan Titan.

Whatever vehicle you drive, we have a trailer hitch that will fit your needs. Don't have enough time to do the installation yourself? Schedule a professional trailer hitch installation and we'll do the work.

For more information visit, and be sure to check out more tips on trailer hitches.

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