How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a Toyota RAV4 (2006-2018)

To add a trailer hitch to a 2018 Toyota RAV4 you will need a handful of tools, a Draw-Tite 75235 trailer hitch and about 20 minutes to complete the installation. Follow these basic steps to start hauling all kinds of hitch-mounted accessories with your Toyota RAV4 today.

About the Draw-Tite 75235

The Draw-Tite 75235 is a class 3, bolt-on trailer hitch designed for the 2018 Toyota RAV4. The hitch has a max trailer weight of 4,500 lb. and max tongue weight of 675 lb. It can haul a variety of items, including cargo carriers, bike racks and U-Haul trailers. No welding or vehicle modification is required for this installation.

Tools needed:

  • Safety glasses
  • Torque wrench
  • Exhaust strap
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • ¾ in. open end wrench
  • Ratchet ¾ in.
  • 19mm socket
  • Power drill

2018 Toyota RAV4 hitch installation steps

1. Remove the paneling

Locate the plastic paneling on the driver side near the bumper. Remove the two plastic fasteners holding it place using the flat head screwdriver.

2. Remove the tie down bracket

The tie down bracket is located underneath the paneling. Use the 19mm socket to remove the bolt and remove the bracket.

3. Position the hitch

Lift the hitch in position so its attachment holes line up with the frame weld nuts. Install the bolts and conical washers to secure the frame using the power drill fitted with the 19mm socket. Be sure the washers have the teeth facing the hitch.

4. Lower the exhaust (if necessary)

Lower the exhaust if you are having trouble reaching the bolts on the passenger side. Use the flathead screwdriver or exhaust pliers to pull the isolator rod from the rubber exhaust hanger above the exhaust muffler.

5. Torque the hitch

Use the torque wrench with the 19mm socket and torque the bolts to 76 ft. lb. The wrench should make a clicking sound when the correct amount of torque has been applied. To reach the bolts on the passenger side, use the exhaust strap to pull the exhaust out of the way.

6. Raise the exhaust (if necessary)

If you lowered the exhaust, insert the isolator rod back into the rubber exhaust hanger to raise the exhaust back into position.

Once installed, the hitch should measure:

  • 13 ¾ in. from the top of the receiver to the ground
  • 3 in. from the pin hole to the bumper

You should now have your Draw-Tite 75235 trailer hitch installed on your 2018 Toyota RAV4.

Whatever vehicle you drive, we have a trailer hitch for you. Don’t have the time to install yourself? Schedule a professional installation at and we’ll do the work. If U-Haul doesn’t have a hitch for your vehicle, nobody does!

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