How Many U-Box® Containers Do I Need?

Whether it’s moving across the country or needing an alternate storage solution, U-Haul U-Box® containers are a fantastic option for any mover. Don’t just take it from us, as Forbes Advisor rated U-Box containers the “best moving container of 2022.”

Making a U-Box reservation is super easy. U-Haul will provide you with a quote based upon where you’re moving from, moving to, and the date that you need to move. U-Haul will even bring portable storage containers right to your door for your convenience. But first, we will need to know how many containers you’ll be needing. And we’re here to help you figure that out.

What Are the Dimensions of a U-Box Container?

To know how many U-Box containers you need, start by knowing how much fits into one container. A U-Box container has a capacity of 257 cubic feet, allowing it to hold up to 2,000 lbs. The internal dimensions of our moving containers are approximately 4’8” (56") wide x 7’11” (95") long x 6’11 ½" (83.5”) high. T & U models are 91.5" in length and 77" in height. On the outside, each U-Box container is 5’ (60”) wide x 8’ (96”) long x 7.5’ (90”) high.

Metrics are great, but you are probably wondering how much of your stuff fits in one container. The large door on the portable storage container allows for a king-size mattress to fit standing up. Generally, one U-Box container will hold moving boxes and furniture from a room and a half. For a better visual representation of the size of our storage containers watch this video that shows the container holding a bedframe, a mattress, and its bedding, a desk, a futon, and plenty more belongings.

Estimating How Many U-Box® Containers I Need

Of course, you can take our rough calculation of a room to room and a half for each U-Box container and do the math with the number of rooms in your house. Or you can let us do that for you. Our tool lets you choose between “average” and “more than average” for how much stuff you have and the number of bedrooms in your home. This will generate a recommended number of U-Box containers for you.

U-Box container reservations can be made for storing, moving in-town, or moving one-way across the country. When you make the reservation, we will collect your credit card information to hold your reservation. Nothing is due at the time of reservation unless you have selected Moving Help® labor services. We know it’s better to be safe than sorry. U-Haul will refund you for any container that you don’t end up using.

U-Box containers are convenient, flexible, and secure. You can load them yourself or enlist Moving Help® to get your containers packed for you. You pick the destination, shipment date, and delivery method. Containers are sealed and locked. The trucks that carry the container have Gentle-Ride suspension for safe shipping. When in storage they are kept at a secure neighborhood U-Haul location.

Now that we’ve given you the equation, let’s put it to good use, and remember it’s a lot easier to just use the calculator. Whether you’re moving from one coast to the other or simply needing on-site storage, U-Box containers are a great option for you. Start your U-Box container reservation today!

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