How to Plan for Long-Distance Moving

Long distance moving often includes a lot of preparation, whether it is across the state or across the country. During a last-minute long-distance move, adaptability in plans is important but hard to work into the process. Read on to find a few key questions, tips, and ideas that can help your out-of-state or cross-country moving process stay on track.

How Far Ahead of Time Should You Plan Your Long-Distance Move?

Planning a long-distance move often requires quite a few logistical considerations. Asking yourself some key questions will help determine the timeline of your move. If you are able, create your moving plan as far out in advance as possible -- at least three to four months -- to ensure you have both the supplies and transportation needed. A solid timeline also helps to alleviate stress in the long term.

Planning Your Move

Basic Questions to consider:

  • Do I want to travel by plane or drive?
  • Does the cost of driving (gas, tolls, hotels) equal or exceed the cost of flying (flights, luggage, shipping items)?
  • If it is equal – what scenario would be more comfortable/stress free?
  • How many people are moving?
  • When should I start packing my items?
  • Will move in upon arriving in the new city/state be immediate, or is there a lapse in time?

Choosing How To Travel To Your New Home

Traveling by plane can cut your moving time significantly, especially for cross-country moves. If you do decide to travel by plane, you will have to ship your items before departure. A U-Box container shipped to your new home is a helpful solution for keeping all the contents of your entire household together and safe. Recommendations are given on number of containers based on square footage/rooms to ensure you have the right amount of space for your items.

Number of People Moving

The number of people moving can also determine the mode of transportation for your future move. If you have a larger family, you will not all fit in to a moving truck cab. In this case, it may be easier to drive separately or fly.

Flexible Moving Dates

If there are gaps between move out and move-in dates, or if you are unsure of your future address/permanent living situation, you may not know what to do with your things. A helpful feature of a U-Box container is that it can be held in one of U-Haul's storage centers until you need it at which point you can access it or schedule a future date for delivery to your home.

When and How To Pack Your House for Moving

Start packing items as soon as possible, dividing into “keep,” “sell,” and “give away.” Consider what will be most important to you in your new location, especially if there is a climate difference in your new city. You may also want to buy some things upon your arrival instead of moving them because of a high cost to move or limited space. These include common items like:

  • Kitchen appliances – refrigerators, microwaves, etc.
  • Books
  • Large furniture that has wear and tear
  • Outdoor furniture/toys and décor

Remember to think about the past square footage of your living space and your future square footage - is there a substantial difference that may influence how much you (need to) get rid of?

It's important to make sure you are packing in a protective manner so that your items aren't damaged during the long trip. Find the right boxes near you to help with your organizing and packing -- you can also purchase moving supplies that provide additional cushioning and padding.

With U-Box containers, you have an extra layer of packing flexibility that allows you to go at your own pace. Need a week or two to pack it all? Order your containers and store them in your driveway or parking spot. Pick up can be scheduled on your time.

How Much Does a Long Distance Move Cost?

There are many cost factors for a long-distance move, including distance, amount of items, etc. When you use U-Box containers for your move, the cost is based on how many containers you need and delivery location. If you choose to store your containers, there may be a different cost. Regardless of delivery or storing method, you can reserve at no charge and lock your rates immediately. Get a quote today.

Hiring Long Distance Movers

A traditional full-service move with a long-distance moving company can be a costly and less flexible choice. With a U-Box container, you have the option of adding Moving Help on both the front and end of your move; movers near you can load and unload the containers for you in each separate location. This allows for variations in schedule and possible storage time you may need.

Long distance moving can go smoothly when you consider all your options in advance and make decisions that will help alleviate stress during your move. A plan that includes room for flexibility is an effective way to ensure your move is tailored to your needs.

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