Insider’s Scoop: This week in Moving, Storage and Organization

This week in Moving, Storage and Organization we found lots of tips to share,  from moving couples to hallway organization! Before we get in to the meat of this post, Let’s start off with some celebrity Moving gossip.

Moving storage and organization


Everybody is speculating about whether Mary-Kate Olsen will be moving In with Boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, or if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will be Moving In Together.  Moving in with a significant other can be challenging enough for us non-celebrities, so these two couples will definitely need to learn these tips from Rentcafe on avoiding a disaster when moving in together. If you’re thinking about moving in with your significant other, here are six things to think about before moving in together.

Another great moving tip we found this week is focused on a different audience, our senior community. As you get older you accumulate more stuff and moving it becomes more physically challenging.  Here are some Moving Tips for Seniors from CBS Local in Pittsburgh.

Storage and Organization:

moving storage and organization
Hallway Storage Ideas from Meeha Meeha

One of the toughest challenges everybody faces is getting organized and storing their things in a logical and livable way.  Here are 5 Storage Solution Ideas That Work.  Our summer organization series has touched on a lot of areas of your home to organize, but one space we missed, the hallway! Meeha Meeha shares a fun idea for Hallway storage. 

Whether you are preparing to move in with your partner or just trying to keep your place organized, we hope that the tips shared with you today were helpful.  Stay tuned for next weeks Insiders scoop!

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