Trailer Tips: 5 Components of Trailer Towing

Trailer and HitchGetting your first hitch opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you and your vehicle. Towing a trailer is a great way to give yourself extra cargo capacity. Whether you are moving, heading to the dunes, lake or forest , you can now take your favorite toys with you. Never driven with a trailer before? Your first trailer experience can be made easy by remembering a few things. Here is the first installment of our series on safe trailer use:

The Components of Your Trailer Combination:

Paying attention to all the components of your trailer combination and knowing how they work together will get you the results you want, a safe and uneventful trip towing the cargo you need to move. Of all the components listed, the most important one is you, the driver!

  1. The Driver (You)Components of a Trailer System
  2. Tow Vehicle
  3. Hitch System
  4. Trailer
  5. Load

Prior to Towing a Trailer

There are many different types of trailers to choose from. For example, open trailers, enclosed trailers and car trailers. If you are unsure on whether your tow vehicle can tow a specific trailer, refer to your owner’s manual. You can also find out what trailers U-Haul recommends for your specific vehicle and hitch system during the reservation process on or at a local U-Haul dealer or moving center.

It is also recommended that you stop by U-Haul to get a free pre-tow inspection done prior to the day of trailer use. Making sure your vehicle and its hitch system are in proper working order and compatible with the trailer ahead of time will make your dispatch and towing experience easier.

Remember: you are the most important element of the towing process!

If you would like a more in-depth look at how to safely use your trailer, check out the Safe Trailering Tips on U-Haul’s YouTube channel.

Do you have any introductory towing tips? Let us know in the comments below!