Moving to Los Angeles

Moving to LA

Are you thinking about moving to Los Angeles? We want to help you make your California dreams come true. Whether you are moving to be a part of the entertainment capital of the world, for the wonderful year round weather, or just to live in this magnificent city for your own reasons, we can help you out with the following tips.


Unfortunately moving to Los Angeles is not all sunshine and daisies. L.A. is a place everyone wants to be, and with so many people in one place traffic can turn ugly. Consider how long your drive will be when you are looking for a place to live. You can easily end up with a multiple hour commute. When you are moving be sure to plan on the time you will need to get to your new home. Another way to avoid traffic is to move in the evening when the traffic has died down.


Another good reason to move in the evenings is the heat. If you are moving to Los Angeles from many other parts of the country you might not be prepared for the heat, particularly if you are moving in the summer. You have to take heat into consideration when you are finding storage. Many items such as paintings, wine, wood items should be kept in climate controlled units. Learn more about what you should store in climate controlled units. You should also consider how warm the winters are as well. When you are packing up to move, you probably will not need those parkas and thermals that previously got you through colder winters.

Things To Do

Southern California has just about anything you would want to do. This region is home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland, Universal Studios, the beach. LA has a vibrant mix of cultures because people move there from all over the world. There are first class restaurants in almost any cuisine you can think of. Your nights can be kept alive with a great music scene or clubs where you might run into celebrities. Whatever your interests are, you will be able to keep yourself occupied.

Here is John Barnett, President of U-Haul of Los Angeles, with some more tips on getting your move to Los Angeles done:

Are you thinking about moving to Los Angeles, or have more great reasons to move there? Share your thoughts in the comments below!