Living in Seattle

Living in Seattle

You’ve made a great choice on moving in Seattle! The city offer a wide range of things to do, cultures and people to experience. Now that you’re settled into your new city, these tips will help you enjoy living in Seattle:


Seattle has beautiful changes of the season, and every season has relatively mild weather. However, Seattle is famous for it’s rain. To make the best of it, don’t wait for the rain to stop, just go outside. There are only about 2 weeks out of the year when the rain is actually so heavy that you can’t go outside. Remember: if you use an umbrella, people will know you’re not from Seattle.  Instead, invest in some nicer rain coats and boots, or stay occupied until the rain subsides. Widespread with a variety of individuals who enjoy everything from being outdoors to hitting the coffee shop on the corner, Seattle is a very diverse city, so it is easy to meet people!

Getting Around the City

The Emerald City is great for walking and biking. There are some tips to keep in mind while you’re adjusting to your new city: Living in Seattle 2

  • When walking across a road, make sure that you are crossing in an approved crosswalk, or you may just get a jaywalking citation! Seattle is very strict with jaywalking rules. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Always suggest following rules of the road, and that holds true for city laws as well.
  • Commuting by bike is very popular! It’s not uncommon for people to ride their bike to a bus stop then hang their bike in the city bus’s bike rack. Also, many people who live on the islands will take the ferry in and bring their bike and then commute with their bikes in the city.

If you are traveling by car, study the traffic patterns for best travel times. When carpooling, it might be a good idea to bring your bikes into the city; many Seattleites will use a 4-bike bike rack.  Alternatively, look for jobs that offer flexibility in your schedule like flexible hours or even work from home days!

Seattle_Landscape 7Things to Do

Living in Seattle will rarely leave you with nothin’ to do! Live like a local with these must-visit stops:

  • Score some local goods at the famous Pike Place Market
  • Catch a sporting event! Seattle is home to MLB’s Mariners and the recent Superbowl winning Seahawks.
  • Be touristy at The Space Needle
  • Find your favorite coffee joint – Seattle is home to the original Starbucks
  • Boating is great choice year round.