Avoiding Bad Luck While Moving

Avoiding Bad Luck While Moving With These TipsIf you’re the superstitious type, listen up! When you move, the potential for bad luck is all around you. I mean, just think of all the mirrors you can break or the ladders you can walk under. Avoiding bad luck while moving is a step below avoiding laser detection, but no worries, I can help.


Seven years is a long time to live with bad luck and I don’t know about you, but I rather not live like that. The best way to avoid breaking your mirrors is by packing them like the pros do. Your best option is to buy a mirror box that includes all of the packing supplies needed to secure the mirror.


If you have to drive your moving truck past a graveyard, make sure to hold your breath. It’s a sign of respect for the dead and you certainly don’t want to upset the dead!


Here’s the deal: Don’t walk under them! If you’re using them during your move make sure you’re aware of their location. Or just avoid using them all together by inviting your tallest friend to help.

Avoiding Bad Luck While Moving With These TipsUmbrellas

Unless you’re moving in the rain there’s no reason these should be out. Pack them in a box and do not open them indoors. The last thing you want is to invite bad luck to rain on your new home.

Hire Movers

This is a sure way to avoid running into any of the previous superstitions. You can relax on the sidelines as your movers do the heavy lifting.

What are some superstitions you believe in? Share in the comments below.