10 Cheap Ways To Decorate Your First Apartment

After moving into your first apartment, money may be a little tight for a while. You’ve already put down a security deposit and paid the various moving expenses and apartment fees.When it comes to making a new home look nice on a budget, consider some cheap ways to decorate. The list below includes 10 cheap ways to decorate your first apartment.

cheap decorations

1. Use books as end tables

Stacking hardcover books on top of each other high enough to make an end table will add some character in your first apartment. We suggest using thicker and bigger books.

2. Create DIY shelves from cardboard boxes

Don’t throw away those boxes after moving. Turn them into shelves for your new home!

3. Plants add life your home

Buy fresh flowers or fake flowers to add life in your apartment. Save old glass bottles and use them as vases. We suggest using soda bottles.

4. Turn boxes into storage bins

Use leftover boxes, some fabric and hot glue to create storage bins for miscellaneous items.

5. Using mirrors will open up your home

Mount mirrors on walls to create the illusion of a larger home.

6. Avoid buying new furniture and restore old furniture.

Some sanding, painting and varnishing can turn old furniture into a great piece for your home.

cheap ways to decorate your first apartment7. Create a collage wall with pictures of family and friends

Pictures can make any home homier. Instead of propping framed pictures on counters and shelves, why not mount them straight to the wall?

8. Use rope to create house hold items such as drink coasters

Using rope and hot glue, you can create a couple different things to add a nice rustic touch to your apartment.

9. Paint or spray paint an accent wall

Painting an entire wall one color will add a nice touch to your apartment. Brighter colors will open up your home. Make your own stencil and spray paint patterns on the wall.

10. Add pops of color with bright throw pillows

Spice it up a bit and pick up some throw pillows for your living room area.


What are some cheap ways you decorate your first apartment? Let us know in the comments below.