Insider’s Scoop: This week in Moving, Storage and Organization!

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Robert Pattinson moving back home with Kristen Stewart?

It’s been an exciting week in Moving, Storage and Organization! Of course if you haven’t heard Robert Pattinson is making headlines again this week because he is said to be moving back home with Kristen Stewart… but since that probably doesn’t impact your life much beyond your simple joy for celebrity gossip, here are some more relevant finds from this week. Moving: Whether you’re moving to start a new job or to start school, in some cases there are opportunities to deduct your moving expenses on your taxes. Here are 10 helpful IRS Tax tips from SeattlePI. For more tips on how to deduct moving expenses on your taxes, read this blog post.  Also, if  you’re preparing for a back to school move, Surviving College shares a 3 week timeline to help you prepare.

moving storage organization
Under the Stairs Bike Storage

Storage: Are you sick of stacking your baking dishes under the sink because you have to take them all out to get to one? Me too! I came across this blog post: 10 Creative Ideas To Organize Baking Dishes Storage On Your Kitchen, and I am off to buy some file dividers! Tight on space in the garage, apartment or dorm? Try this under the stairs bike storage! This one is for my engaged couples out there, don’t get trigger happy when you are registering at target! Stop and think, “Do we really have space to store 3 fondue sets?” ErintheOrganizer gives you some practical tips to consider when you are registering for your wedding. Organization: In honor of National simplify your life week, Bargainist shares some mobile Apps that can help you free clutter and organize your life! Is your closet getting you down? Well you might just be in luck! Freedom Rail Closet Organization system is giving away $1000 closet system! I hope you enjoyed this week’s scoop! Let us know you have come across any great tips for Moving, Storage or Organization.