5 Tips for Organizing Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a haven—a relaxing environment fit for a good night’s sleep. But, sometimes, it can become a cluttered disaster. Dirty laundry strewn across the floor. Shoes that need to find their rack. A stack of books on the nightstand and decorative pillows on the floor. And, if you live in an apartment or small home, you may not have a laundry room or large walk-in closets to put these items away. So, it’s time to get creative with the space you have. Here are 5 tips for organizing your master bedroom.

organizing your master bedroom1. Under the bed storage. In most homes, the bed takes up the most real estate in the master bedroom. So, why not use the area under the bed for storage? There are storage containers made specifically to slide under the bed. Make sure you measure the distance from your floor to the underside of your bed before you go shopping for containers.

If your bed isn’t high enough off the ground, then you can purchase bed risers to create more height. Or, you can purchase Space Bags that will shrink most clothing and linens down to a fraction of their size. I like to store my off-season clothing and shoes under the bed.

Quick tip: Put a fabric softener sheet or the perfume sample pages from magazines in the bins or bags to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

2. End of the bed storage. In addition to storing items under your bed, there are many options for storing items at the head or foot of your bed. A headboard storage unit with shelving is a great option for neatly tucking away your nighttime reading and eliminates the need for night stands.

A storage bench at the end of your bed is a great place to put extra blankets and pillows. Plus, it doubles as a place to sit down while putting on your shoes. If your bed is really tall, then you could also put a short bookshelf at the end of your bed for reading material, folded clothes or linens.

organizing your master bedroom
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3. Over the door racks. The back of the door is a great place to store a variety of things. If a place to put your shoes is your biggest concern, then there is a rack for that. If you don’t have a laundry room or closet space for your iron and ironing board, then there’s a rack for that. Need a place to hang your bathrobe and coat? There’s a rack for that. Don’t let the back of your door go to waste.

4. Removable hooks. Those removable 3M hooks are a lifesaver in my small one-bedroom apartment. I use them on the back of doors, the side of my refrigerator, and in cabinets. In my bedroom, I use them on the side of my dresser to hang the necklaces and bracelets that I wear most often.

organizing your master bedroom
Photo via Better Homes and Gardens

5. Shelving, cabinets and storage bins. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, look up! Create more surface space by purchasing small shelves for books or framed pictures. You could also line the perimeter of the room, near the ceiling, with a shelf to create even more space, or even create storage over your bed!

A bookshelf with storage bins is perfect for hiding scarves, belts, dirty laundry or any other miscellaneous items you don’t want on display. And there are also plenty of inexpensive, freestanding storage cabinets you can purchase to keep items neatly out of sight.

Do you have any bedroom storage or organization tips to share? Please tell us in the comments.

Next week, Toni is going to talk about organizing your closets. Trust me, it’s a post you won’t want to miss!