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Space Shuttle Endeavour moves to L.A. Photo via

This week in Moving, Storage, and Organization we share news about moving space shuttles, new organization Apps, and innovative storage solutions! I hope you Enjoy this week’s Insiders Scoop!


The big move that everyone it talking about and taking pictures of is the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s big move  from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida atop a 747 jet on Sept. 19 to its arrival in the City of Angels in California two days later.  After the shuttle ended it’s cross-country farewell tour, it is being prepared to move this weekend to

moving storage organization
Pull Down Closet Rod sold by Organize-it. Photo via Apartment Therapy

it’s final resting place at the California Science Center.  Can you imagine if you could load all your stuff atop a 747 and move to your destination?  You would be the talk of the country too!

Other big news… We are hosting the first ever Boo-Halloween Costume Contest! Don’t forget to save your leftover moving supplies and enter the contest! Update: Our costume contest is now over. See the winners here.


Once again Apartment Therapy comes through for us with some great storage tips. This week they feature an online store based out of Detroit called “Organize-it”.  This store has storage and organization solutions for every room in the house.  As some one who on  the short end of the spectrum, I love the pull down closet rod!

moving storage organization
Organize your budget. Tips and photo by


Are you tired of making room for filing cabinets, cleaning out old papers, and trying to decide what to keep? Here’s an idea… go paperless! Organizations Junkie’s guest blogger Marilyn Rogers shares 5 Apps for Living a Paper Free life!  It’s definitely worth reading. Speaking of receipts, with  holiday season is quickly approaching, I thought I would share some tips I found on how to organize now to stay out of debt this holiday season.  

 Tell me what you think, were these articles helpful? Did I miss any big Moving, Storage and Organization news this week? 

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