Fall Maintenance Checklist

After the hot summer months, it’s refreshing to witness the turn of the leaves and the drop in temperature of fall, but while you’re enjoying that pumpkin spice latte, don’t forget that winter is right around the corner.  If you’re a homeowner, this means there are some maintenance tasks to be taken care of before the snow starts falling. This checklist will help you get prepared for the cold winters.

fall maintenance checklist1.  Remove your garden hoses and put them in storage, along with the rest of the household items you won’t need for the next couple months. Also don’t forget to seal your outdoor faucets to avoid freezing

2. Drain out all the water in your sprinklers and put the system to sleep. Freezing can lead to cracking and that’s a replacement bill you don’t want to see!

3. Avoid ice dams and clean out rain gutters. Frozen clogs in your gutters is an expensive fix, but so easily avoided if you take the right precautions.

4.  If you have a lawn, plant your winter grass to survive the harsh weather. This will ensure a greener spring for you.

5. Prune and cover your plants to keep them alive!

6. Change your summer screens to storm windows.

7. Repair any loose or broken doors and windows to stay warm and conserve energy. Caulking cracks and windows will prevent drafts.

8. Change your furnace filter and get it inspected. High carbon monoxide levels are dangerous, and a furnace operating at peak efficiency will be cheaper to operate throughout the cold winter.

9. Inspect your fireplace. Clear out any bird nests or debris. Check for missing bricks or cracks. Fix up your fireplace for a warmer winter!

10. Clean your air ducts to ensure your heating system is working to it’s full ability.

And lastly, take any winter essentials such as warm-weather clothes, shovels for snow and electric blankets out of storage and brace yourself for the holiday season!
Did we miss any fall maintenance tasks? Let us in know in the comments below.