Recycled Halloween Decorations

Recycled Halloween Decorations

The goblins, ghosts, and ghouls are out to play, which means it’s time for lights to be dimmed, scary music to be played and spooky decorations to be hung. Here’s how to use recycled Halloween decorations to celebrate October 31st.

Halloween jarsIlluminated Crafts

Adding a glimmer of light to your projects will not only make your house stand out in the dark, but it’ll add a different element of spook if adorned with the right colors. Recycle holiday lights from the winter for the fall Halloween holiday by placing lights inside pumpkins, jars and other glass holders that you may have in the kitchen. By using white lights, you can change its final illuminated color if you paint mason jars red, orange, purple or green. Trying adding scary faces to your jars (by using permanent marker or paper cut-outs) to mimic the look of a jack-o’-lantern.

Halloween ghosts Hanging Decor

Adding decorations that hang from the ceiling, or come out from the side, will scare and amuse your guests on Halloween. Grab white plastic or paper cups from your bathroom, tissue, string, black marker, and scissors to make a flying ghost. Place tissue over the cup and tie the string around both to make a flying ghost, but don’t forget to draw a spooky face! Recycle thumbtacks to hang them from ceilings or walls.

 Halloween milk jarsCounter-top Decorations

Transform your home into a haunted house by making counter-top decorations that can sit on cabinets and tables. Recycle milk and juice cartons into ghosts and pumpkins respectively by drawing faces on the sides. Try adding fake candles next to them to add a glow to your centerpieces. You can create mummies and other characters like Frankenstein by using other colored plastic containers.

By recycling jars, containers, lights, tissue, paper and other everyday materials you can craft the perfect spooky decorations that will not only keep your wallet happy but also your Halloween helpers entertained. You can always make crafts to be displayed both inside and outside of your home by tailoring the size and durability of the decorations. Try making larger dancing ghosts to be displayed outdoors in a little ghost village. Halloween capitalizes on haunted houses, so try making your own (which is better than living in an actual haunted house) by creating a dark and chilling environment with your DIY decor. Just don’t forget to look for other materials you can recycle (like the moving boxes from your last move) that will help you store not just your Halloween costumes but also your decor.

Have you recycled material to make Halloween decorations? Any ideas or tips? Share your DIY projects with us in the comments below!