Last Minute Halloween Costumes with Moving Boxes

Last Minute Halloween Costumes 2

It’s the day before Halloween and you’re searching for a last minute costume. Don’t sweat; we’ve got you covered with these easy ideas you can make out of recycled moving boxes.

Solo Costume
Ladies, now you can truly get all dolled up for Halloween and go as Barbie Doll in a Box, like Amanda Sarver. This costume calls for recycled moving boxes like a grand wardrobe boxMover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap, and any decoration you may want (as long as it’s pink!). The great things about this costume is its versatility. You can get dressed to the nines and take the fancy route as Prom Barbie or opt for a more casual approach with a work out outfit as Aerobics Barbie. Guys, this costume can work for you too with Ken Doll or even a G.I. Joe version!

Paired Costume
Most of us remember playing or have some memory of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. Bring this 1960s classic to action! Grab a friend or that special someone, decide (or duke it out!) which of you will be either Red Rocker or Blue Bomber. For this costume, you’ll need tons of recycled cardboard boxes and tape. Take a note on how, Tammy and Steve, crafted this original idea.

Kid’s Costume
When it comes to last-minute Halloween costumes for kids, the possibilities are endless. Moms and dads know that laundry is a never-ending cycle when you have kids. This year, let your kids be the laundry! For this costume, you’ll need leftover moving boxes, foil, tape, (hopefully!) clean laundry, and laundry accessories like soap or dryer sheets. Malachi, Christian and Noah posed for the camera in their laundry couture..

Pet Costume
Don’t forget about Fido! When it comes to our pets, these days they are always treated like a part of the family. For four-legged Halloween fashions, considered Doggysaurus! For this costume, gather your recycled Letter Tote Box and duct tape.  Just like Pennysaurus, your furry friend will be a member of the tyrannosaurus family in no time!

These last minute Halloween costumes using moving boxes will allow you to participate in a affordable and creative holiday festivities. Need more ideas? Check out our Pinboard for one-of-a-kind Halloween styles and decor. For additional material, head over to a U-Haul Center near you for free boxes from our reuse center.

What are some of your last minute Halloween costume ideas? Which costumes were a hit and which were a miss?