Creative Halloween Costumes

Oct 26, 2012

Our Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest is now over! See the winners here.

We have had some great entries so far to our Boo-Haul Halloween Costume Contest.  Today, we are going to share with you some of the creative Halloween costumes that have been sent to us. If you create a costume this year for yourself, your child or your pet with U-Haul moving supplies, like boxes, tape and more, then you could win an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. You have until November 5th to send us pictures of your costume. For more details on how to enter and the rules of the contest, click here.

creative halloween costumesYou may not be able to get your kids to do their laundry, but Savannah has gotten her three kids to be the laundry. Malachi, Christian and Noah are modeling the finest in washer and dryer fashion. They were made with boxes and packing tape, and bubble wrap was used as bubbles in the washer. I assume the clothes were made of clothes.

creative halloween costumes Is your child a little angel? Elena is the perfect cherub here, rocking some cardboard wings covered in feathers. Watch out for that bow, though! Most 10-month-olds don’t have the best aim yet.

creative halloween costumes Feel like walking like an Egyptian this Halloween? Joshua and Amanda are sporting the Egyptian gods look dressed as Isis and Anubis. I think they really needed another friend to dress as a mummy.

creative halloween costumes Did you have Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots as a kid? Tammy and Steve lovingly crafted these Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots out of over 60 feet of cardboard and 13 rolls of tape.

creative halloween costumes Don’t forget the costumes for you prized pets. Pet costumes are entered to win a Petsmart prize pack full of fun things for your furry friends. In this costume, Captain Olivia is hauling her pirate treasure with some help from Scoobie Doo. It makes you wonder what their treasure is. Bones? Scoobie snacks?

That’s not all. We will continue to upload more entries throughout the contest on our Boo-Haul Contest Pinterest board. We have more fun Halloween stuff for you, too- beyond just costumes. Our Halloween Season Pinterest board features snacks, party ideas, creative Halloween costumes and more.

What are you or your child going to dress upas for Halloween? Tell us your creative costume idea below in the comments section and we will award one lucky commenter a $25 U-Haul VIP certificate to help make your costume idea a reality!

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