College Storage Options For A Semester Abroad

Storage Options For Semester Abroad

Congratulations on your choice to learn beyond the walls of a university! Studying abroad is a great opportunity to learn in a different environment while taking in new sights and a new culture, but figuring out what to pack and what to do with your belongings can be a difficult decision to make. Here are your college storage options for a semester abroad.

College Boxes

There’s no need to stress out when it comes to figuring out where and how to store your items while you’re away. Enlist the help of College Boxes, a service catered to the collegiate community that offers to pick up and deliver your items free of charge straight from your dorm room to the storage facility while you’re away exploring the world. A starter kit is shipped to College Boxesyour dorm free of charge where you pack your belongings inside the provided boxes. College Boxes picks them up from your dorm, and stores them while you’re away. When you’re ready to come back, they deliver the boxes back to your dorm after arranging a set date. Students are charged per quarter for storing their boxes, but can also store other furniture pieces (like television sets, bicycles, microwaves, etc.) for a quarterly fee. If you’re looking to ship your belongings to your new abroad address, College Boxes can internationally ship your boxes!

Rent a Storage Unit

Moving abroad means you’ll be paying for housing for an entire semester in a new building complex, so moving out of your current housing is a great way to save money. At a fraction of your rent, storage units will provide a secure location for all of your furniture and belongings for a monthly fee. Storage UnitDepending on your storage location, each business will have differing prices for indoor or outdoor storage, size of a unit as well as different features (like online account management perfect for someone outside of the country).

Rent a Storage Container

Do you have a lot of big pieces of furniture that you’re not willing to part with before you leave the country? With U-Box storage containers you can have the actual storage box delivered to you, pick it up from the warehouse, or even pack your portable storage container right at the location. The container is placed in storage for a monthly fee. Once you’re back, it can be shipped right to your door, you can pick it up and drive it to your home to unpack at your own pace, or you can take your belongings out at the storage location. U-box storage containers can also be shipped internationally to meet you at your new home!

To ensure your study abroad storage goes well, make sure you create a list of reminders of what to do before you leave your dorm, what to bring on your travels, and dates that are important to remember, even when you’re halfway around the globe.

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If you’ve studied abroad, what did you do with your items back home? Did you store them? Did you ship them internationally? Let us know in the comment section below!