Moving to Chicago


Getting ready to move to Chicago is an exciting adventure.  You’re moving to the city known for its mouth watering deep dish pizza, beef sandwiches, hot dogs, history, culture and die hard sports fans! 

Preparing for your Move:

Whether your moving to Chicago or within the city, you have to be prepared to load and/unload quickly once you get to the city, as parking spaces that can accommodate a moving truck are limited . Here are a few things you can do to make the load and unload easier:

  • Have all your boxes packed and labeled by room (try Smart Move Tape).
  • Disassemble all furniture. I like to put all the hardware items such as screws for each piece in a ziploc bag and tape it to the underside of the furniture with packing tape.
  • Arrange for moving  help in advance.  If you don’t have friends in the city, hire moving laborers for the loading and unloading to speed up the process.
  • Schedule the elevator. Many landlords require that you schedule the use of the elevator when moving, so make sure you do this before scheduling moving help or reserving a truck to make sure the date you plan on moving is available.

Cargovan rentals in ChicagoPlan for your moving day In Chicago:

  • Once you’ve secured your elevator, reserve your moving equipment. Small moving trucks and cargo vans are ideal for moving in Chicago because they are easier to maneuver in traffic and on tight streets.
  • Consider the actual length of time you’ll need the truck, many people underestimate because they don’t consider traffic or elevator times.
  • Determine your route.  Once you know the pick up location of your moving equipment, plan your route in the easiest way to avoid traffic and driving violations.  Keep in mind you can’t take a moving truck on to Lake Shore Drive so you’ll need to find alternate routes.

Reserve a  Storage Unit:

  • City living can be tight, so having a small storage locker to rotate seasonal items throughout the year is essential.  As a result, many storage facilities fill up quickly.  Find a local self-storage facility in advance and reserve a room as soon as you know your move date.
  • If you are lucky, you  may be able to find a storage unit at your equipment drop-off location it can save you time and money. Also, many storage locations will also offer a free month of storage on one-way equipment rentals.
  • Pack all items that you plan on moving to storage in the back of the truck.  This way you can unload all of the items for your home first, and then go to your storage location.

Adjusting to the city:

The ongoing battle between Ginos east or Giordano’s … I personally won’t turn down either =)

Now that you’re all moved in, take some time to enjoy one of the greatest cities in the U.S! The Chicago transit Authority has a list of apps that will help you get around the city quickly.  I’ve used the Chicago Transit tracker and had a lot of luck, but try a few and use the one that works for you.  Anther notable app to consider for download is Yelp, it offers ratings on restaurants, bars and other services, as well as community discussions and local events nearby.  But, there is one thing you can’t take anyone’s word for… and that is determining who has the best deep dish pizza in Chi-Town! It’s important that you try them all and decide for your self.  =)

Once you’re on the move, have a little fun and snap some photos on the way! Submit them here or via Instagram using #uhaulfamous to become U-Haul Famous!

Have you recently moved to Chicago? What tips would you share with someone who is new to the city?