Storage in New York City


Whether you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Bronx, there is a good chance you dream of more storage space! The lack of storage space in New York City homes is just a small set back that is easy to overcome, especially when you live in one of the greatest cities! If you are moving to New York, you’ll want to consider your options for storage well in advance.  Evaluate what you have compared to what you have room for.  Like all real estate in New York, storage comes at a premium. Typically it is more affordable to rent a storage unit or small storage locker for seasonal or less used items, then it is to rent a larger apartment in the city.   There are plenty of self-storage locations in New York city, but before selecting a storage location consider following: Storagenearsubway

  1. Distance from public transportation: If you can transport your belongings via subway, distance from the subway station is definitely something you will want to consider.  If you can not, you’ll want to find a storage unit near your home and near a truck rental center. Many U-Haul locations have both self-storage and truck rentals, so you only have to make one stop
  2. Storage unit availability: Call in advance or go online to find a location that has the size unit you need available. Smaller lockers get rented quickly in New York, so reserve your unit as soon as possible.
  3. Accessibility: There are several things to consider when it comes to access.  Many locations offer 24 hour access to your unit at slightly increased monthly rate, so consider whether this would be beneficial to you, or if you thing you can manage your access to your storage unit within their business hours.  Some self storage locations will even accept deliveries for you, and let you have use of their dumpster. So don’t be afraid to ask, what other “perks” are included in your rental, you may be surprised!
  4. deliveryacceptanceFees: Get the run down on the fees associated with renting a self-storage unit and evaluate the entire cost before selecting a self storage provider.  Some companies charge administrative fees, while others do not. In addition, you will want to compare the insurance coverage options and costs associated with insuring your unit.
  5. Reviews: A location with nothing to hide will have unedited customer reviews on their website.  If they do not, make sure to do your research online before selecting a storage facility.  Your fellow New Yorkers have taken the time to share their experiences online, so take a few minutes to read through the reviews to ensure you get good service and clean, dry secure storage!

Are you looking for storage in New York?  Do you have experience with finding storage in New York?  Share your experiences with us below!