Moving to the Pratt Institute

Looking to become a designer, artists or architect while living in one of the most artistic and exciting cities in the states? If you’ve been accepted to the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY then your dream is about to become a reality. Founded in 1887, the Pratt Institute has become one of the top art schools in the US, and its location just can’t be beaten. Its eclectic student population (48 different states, and 80 different countries) provides a unique environment of creativity.

Pratt Institute Brooklyn New York

Going to Pratt means you’ll be attending either its Brooklyn or Manhattan campus and living in one of the ten residence halls (although most freshman will live in either Pantas, Stabile or Cannoneer whereas upper-class undergrads will reside in the Townhouses, Willoughby or Esther Lloyd Jones).

Furniture Provided

All students will have:

  • An extra-long twin bed,
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Dresser

Some dorms will provide:

  • Microwave
  • Fridge and freezer
  • Stove
  • Dining table

However, keep in mind that while you will most likely not need to purchase your own microwave, desk or chairs you (those living in Grand Avenue and Willoughby Hall) may need your own through-wall air conditioner. Living in the school’s dorms will make the much dreaded New York apartment hunting process a whole lot easier for you.

Pratt Institute Brooklyn New York HousingTransporting Heavy Items In The City

Say your dorm is one that doesn’t provide a microwave or an air conditioner. Those heavy items will take up space in your car, and they’ll be impossible to carry on the subway so you’ll need to look for better transportation options. If you’re bringing those larger items from home, rent a moving truck from a location closest to your parent’s home so they can help you drive it to school and then they can return it for you; but if you’re buying those items in the city, rent a moving van from a nearby location so you can drive to the store, pick up the items and drive them back to your dorm room. Your closest location to the school will be the U-Haul Moving and Storage of Parkslope.  If you chose to purchase those items days after move-in day, it will most likely make the process a lot easier; you won’t face congestion in the dorm rooms while carrying heavy items and equipment, availability for trucks and dollies will be larger than renting on your designated move-in day.

Dodging City Traffic

Pratt Institute Brooklyn New YorkThere’s a reason why New York City is known to have so many yellow cabs, and why millions use its subway and bus systems. Do you know anyone in the city who owns a car? It’s not likely that many will own private transportation in the city, so take it as a sign that it may be difficult to navigate in a vehicle. A perfect way to dodge this bullet on moving day, along with dodging thousands of new students moving in on the same day as you, is by shipping all of your personal belongings (clothing, textbooks, blankets, a chair, etc.) in a shipping container. Take a look at Pratt’s move-in day video, and you’ll see many students pushing items in shopping carts. Collegeboxes provides college storage and shipping options for Pratt students where you can pack your belongings, have them picked up, and then delivered to your school when you arrive on campus. This way you’ll avoid the chaos of move-in day and start off your year at Pratt well!

Check out Pratt’s admissions video, and for more college tips, read our other helpful posts!

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Are you a graduate of the Pratt Institute? Which residence hall did you live at? Do you have any tips for moving into a big city?