Moving to the Juilliard School

Moving to New York City is an exciting move for anyone to make, especially if you’re moving to the Big Apple to attend school. What makes this move even more exciting is that you’ve been accepted into one of the most highly-regarded fine arts school around the world. Ready to make Juilliard your home to study dance, drama, and music?

Moving to the Juilliard School

Living On Campus In The City

Moving to the Juilliard SchoolYou’ve heard all the rental horror stories in New York City, so it’s great that your new school provides students with a housing option steps away from the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Sticking with the on-campus living situation will be helpful in making friends in such a grand city. The dorms offer plenty of amenities. This makes living in the big city an easy move. Want to know what it’s like living in the dorms? Check out this video!

 Navigation In A Big City

If you’re moving from anywhere outside of Manhattan onto the campus, you most likely will have to haul a handful of items from clothing to books with you to the dorms. Most people in the city do not own private transportation. They use public transportation options such as subways, taxis, and buses; but moving by foot isn’t a great option. Renting a moving truck to move all of your belongings in one trip is a great way to make moving day easier (with a nearby U-Haul location in Chelsea). Since the city streets are crowded, consider using a pickup truck or cargo van. You will be able to easily navigate through the winding streets of New York.

Ship From Home, Enjoy The Concrete Jungle

Whether it is your first time in New York City or your third, it’s an exciting time to go out and explore with your Moving to the Juilliard Schoolfamily. You can avoid the lines to get up to the dorms by packing at home and shipping your belongings straight to your dorm room with Collegeboxes. They’ll pick your boxes up at home, store them, and then deliver them to you by move-in day. This allows you time to go out and keep up with the busy city while the rest of your classmates wait for the crowded elevator.

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How was moving to the Juilliard School? What tips would you share with incoming students? How was it living in New York City and attending classes at the Lincoln Center? Share in the comments below!