Moving to the University of Denver

Mar 4, 2014

Ready to live near Downtown Denver and be a proud crimson and gold Pioneer? Welcome to the University of Denver where you’ll experience beautiful (but snowy) weather in a vibrant community while pursuing your education!

University of Denver Downtown City Skyline

On-Campus Housing

DU provides a variety of housing options for those living on campus. You can pick between apartment-style homes or a traditional dorm in a residence hall. Want a video tour of all the residence halls? Check out this video.

Moving To School (Can Be “Crazy”)

Take it from students who have moved in and appeared in a video talking about DU’s move-in day in 2013. Within four hours, more than one thousand students moved into the dorms that year. The video shows massive crowds and lines of thrilled and anxious students with their parents. The students in the video suggest everyone be flexible with the crowd and the chaos (and excitement) of moving day. To better prepare for this big move, make sure you plan out your move-in by visiting nearby Denver U-Haul locations for your moving truck needs. If you need extra boxes or moving materials to organize your dorm, don’t forget that the nearest U-Haul location to campus is just a few minutes away!

Avoid The Crowds

University of Denver CollegeboxesIf you’d like to avoid the long lines, crowds, and confusion of move-in day, then opt for a hassle-free and more convenient plan. If you use Collegeboxes you can pack your belongings up at home, have a carrier pick them up, Collegeboxes will store and ship them back to your dorm room by moving day! Moving to DU can be easy!

Make sure to mark your calendars with important on-campus dates.  If you’ve got housing questions, look at DU’s FAQs. For even more college tips, read our other helpful posts!

For more tips visit your go-to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

How was moving to the University of Denver? What tips would you share with incoming students? Share your insight in the comments section below!


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