Moving to the Georgia Institute of Technology

Ready to be a part of the Yellow Jackets and root with Buzz at Georgia Institute of Technology games? Get ready, because being a GT student comes with a lot of hard work, but plenty of opportunities for fun and growth!

Georgia Institute of Technology Moving To Campus

Get To Know Your Surroundings

GT is  a great school, and it doesn’t hurt that the campus is surrounded by 16 Fortune 500 companies, so you’ll be around the spirit of entrepreneurship. Not only is the GT’s campus a great location, but the city it’s in has many offerings. Ready to explore Atlanta? From museums to centers there’s plenty to do.

Housing in Atlanta

Georgia Institute of Technology Moving To CampusTo prep for living on campus, there’s a few things you should know. First, make sure to jot down this list of important dates for GT students. Secondly, if you want specifics of the furniture in the dorms, like widths and lengths of each desk, drawer, chair, mattress, and more check out this nifty list. Finally, there are also three types of housing options for GT to pick from:

  • Traditional – two, three or four person rooms with a community restroom
  • Suite style – two two-person rooms with a full bathroom in each
  • Apartments – semi and private bedrooms with a full kitchen and living section.
Moving to Atlanta

Making the move to the ATL is thrilling, but to avoid speed bumps along the road you should plan it out. The nearest U-Haul to campus is just a few minutes away from the dorms. There are also over 30 U-Haul locations in the Atlanta area, so route which ones will be the most convenient to visit for all of your moving needs. And don’t forget that if Georgia Institute of Technology Moving To Campus With Collegeboxesyou want to avoid traffic of cars and of students on moving day, you can always ship all of your belongings straight to your dorm room with Collegeboxes. Collegeboxes will service all GIT students by letting them pack at home, they’ll pick up the boxes and deliver them to a student’s dorm room by move-in day.

For more tips visit your go- to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

How was moving to the Georgia Institute of Technology? What tips would you share with incoming students? How was it living in Atlanta? Share your tips in the comments below!