Moving to the University of Washington

University of Washington Moving To CampusThe beauty of Seattle is about to become a reality for you since you’ve been accepted into the University of Washington! Nestled in a young and hip city, surrounded by trees and water, you’re about to dive into a location fit for college students. Ready to wear purple and gold and be a Huskie at UW?

Heading To The (North) West

Attending UW, or UDubs as it’s informally called, means you’ll be living in the Northwest where Seattle is known for its rainy and cloudy days. The city lies on seven hills, it’s nestled in between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, and it has a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains. And of course, there’s the Space Needle. But before you venture off into the busy city, make sure to get acquainted with the campus by studying the university’s map.

Housing For Students

Living on campus You’ll either be living on the North Campus or the West Campus at UW. Here are the undergraduate dorm rooms, each with their own virtual tour:

Residence Halls

  • University of Washington Moving To CampusAlder
  • Elm
  • Haggett
  • Hansee
  • Lander
  • McCarty
  • McMahon
  • Mercer Court
  • Poplar
  • Stevens Court


  • Cedar
  • Nordheim Court
Student Moving Options

With all the excitement that college brings, make sure to take the time to think of what your options are for move-in day. The university provides a helpful move-in guide that can help sort out questions of what to bring, details on move-in day, and more. The nearest U-Haul location to campus makes it easy to get all of your moving items, and if that one is too busy with other students, check out the other Seattle-area locations. However, you can avoid the University of Washington Moving To Campus With Collegeboxesbusy chaos of college moving by packing at home, shipping your items and having them ready at college. Collegeboxes services all the UW students by picking up their boxes of belongings at their home, they’ll store and ship them to the UDubs campus and have them ready for students to pick up.

For more tips visit your go- to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

How was moving to the University of Washington? What tips would you share with incoming students? How was it living in Seattle? Share your tips in the comments below!