Business Renovation Storage

Your new officePerhaps your business is growing. That’s great! Unfortunately, your office isn’t. Maybe you’ve had to expand as customer orders continue to roll in, which is great for business but not so great for your employees. Your old office space may start to feel like a cramped dorm room. Dysfunctional and disorderly, a business-office renovation may be your only solution to reorganizing and reclaiming your office space.

Renting  portable storage containers is the perfect solution to keep your office space safe and uncluttered while you renovate. During renovations, you can make certain that all of your business equipment and supplies will be neatly stored and kept away from the chaos that sometimes come with renovation. Whether you are renovating current offices or even relocating offices, there is a solution for you. U-Box portable storage containers are convenient, flexible, secure and convenient option for you.


When you choose portable storage for your business renovation, you can pack and unpack at your own pace. For even more ease, have Moving Helpers® do it all!

  • Have U-Box containers delivered whenever you need them. As a working professional it is completely understandable that you are busy. The U-Box container Program works on your schedule.
  • Keep the portable storage container on site for quick and easy access. Any stored items that you may need during renovation will just be a couple steps away.
  • For longer renovations, call to have your portable storage container picked up and stored so that it is out of your way if need be.

Business renovation


 Store for as little as a few weeks to a few years; depending on your needs:

  • It is ideal for renovation projects large or small.
  • Storage containers will hold about a room and a half of items. It is perfect for a typical office space.
  • Need more room? Order more containers, and they will be brought right to you.


U-Box containers offer both on-site and secure warehouse storage options:

  • Each container is covered with a highly durable, weather-resistant cover, and the container itself is made of pressure-treated plywood that will keep your belongings in a stable and chemical-free environment during transport and storage.
  • Each container comes with one dozen free furniture pads to protect your items from bumps and scratches.
  • These containers are built with latches that can be tightly closed in three different places. The middle latch has a place for your own lock.


Are you outgrowing your current office space? Thinking about renovating? Share your stories and comments below!