Moving to North Carolina State University

Moving to North Carolina State UniversityReady to join the Wolfpack and attend North Carolina State University? Raleigh makes a great home for NC State students who thrive in the environment partaking in sporting events, cultural outings and enjoy a wide variety of eateries in this urban setting. If you’re ready to wear red and white and cheer on Mr. and Ms. Wuf at games, then it’s time to prepare for your move to North Carolina!

Get To Know Your Campus

NC State is a large campus, so getting to know it before you move onto campus is a great idea to avoid getting (too) lost. Dorms are located in three different portions of the campus. Want an interactive map of the housing options? If you’re looking for a normal printable map of all of the housing locations on-campus? And don’t feel shy to reach out to others who know the campus well. Check out NC State’s housing Facebook page, and feel free to shoot them questions.

Housing On Campus

There is a plethora of housing options for students living on campus. Want to compare the residence halls and learn the room setup, elevator options, how many floors there are in each and other details? The university also offers a site that has pictures of their housing for students.

NC State has four different apartments for students. For a view of the apartment amenities, pictures, videos, directions and to schedule a tour, click on each individual apartment name.

NC State also offers 20 different residence halls. They’re spread out around the west, central and east campuses.

Moving To The Campus

Collegeboxes North Carolina State UniversityBecause of its large campus, planning your move there is crucial. Make sure you’ve got everything aligned, like talking with the people who will help you move, renting a moving truck, and preparing what you’ll need to have with you in your dorm. For your moving needs, the U-Haul location nearest campus is just a few minutes away, however, there are plenty of other locations around the Raleigh area. But if you want to avoid having to carry your things up the stairs or waiting for an elevator, consider Collegeboxes. You can pack your belongings at home in boxes, a carrier will come to pick them up, and by the time you move in your boxes will have been delivered. Collegeboxes will ship and store them until your move-in date!

For more tips visit your go-to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

Were you a part of the Wolfpack in college? Which dorm did you live in? How was moving to the North Carolina State University? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!