Spring Cleaning and Storage

Spring Cleaning and StorageSpring has sprung which means out with the old, in with the new! But living in a dorm or apartment sometimes makes it hard to find room for the new. Solution to this problem: storage! Whether it’s under-your-bed storage or a self storage unit, the more room the merrier.

More Room, More Clothes

Are you running out of room to hang up those new, cute summer dresses? Then it is time to put those winter faux fur and pleather jackets away in storage. After each season, you can pack the clothes you no longer need in space bags and place them underneath your bed to make more room in your closet. All you have to do is fold them nicely, place them in a the space bags and suck all the air out with a vacuum. Taking the air out of the bags creates more room for storage.Spring Cleaning and Storage

Seasonal Clutter

Seasonal gear can add a lot of clutter to your garage and house. The best way to store those snowboarding boots, skis and snow jackets is to put them in a self-storage unit. It is a common misconception that storage units are only needed if you need to store 2 beds, a couch and all of your grandmother’s heirlooms. Self-storage units come in all shapes and sizes, some as small as lockers!

Deep Cleaning Your Home

Now that you have stored away your seasonal clutter it is time to do the cleaning part of spring cleaning! This is not the time to just vacuum and dust; you must deep clean every corner of your home. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to do around the whole house; deep clean room by room and check off tasks on the list below once you have completed them:

  • vacuum couches
  • wash baseboards
  • dust off light fixtures
  • clean vent and fans
  • deep clean refrigerator
  • clean gutters
  • shampoo carpet

Don’t forget to properly store your cleaning chemicals away from children and pets after using them. Also, be prepared for allergies after dusting everything off and remember to give yourself a few breaks to eat a healthy snack or quick trip to get fast food. Once you are done, step back and give yourself a pat. Spring is here!

Do you have some tips on spring cleaning? Leave them in the comments below!