Storage Tips in Phoenix

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Whether your moving to or living in the valley of the sun, you know that you and your belongings will be exposed to some heat! As an Arizona native (Ahem… over 30 years in desert) I thought I could share some storage tips in Phoenix.

Weather Conditions

There are 3 main conditions you need to be aware when considering storage in Phoenix…  Heat, Dust, and Frost.  (Yes, it gets cold in Phoenix!).

  1. Heat: Temperatures in Phoenix can get as high as 120 degrees in the summer. This is the kind of heat that melts chocolate in about 30 seconds.  So know this: if you leave your belongings outside, they will get direct sunlight, high UV and heat exposure.  These elements can cause many materials to warp, melt or fade. The best way to make sure your goods are protected from the heat is to opt for indoor, or even better, climate controlled storage.
  2. Dust: One of the great things about living in Phoenix, is we get very little rain… which results in a lot of dust.  While dust typically doesn’t hurt too many items, accumulated over time it can harm some goods.
  3. Frost: It’s hard to image that the Phoenix desert can get cold enough to produce frost! Protect your goods that are made of natural materials such as wood or leather furniture.

What to Store

With the brutal summer months hitting above the 100s, you won’t have a need for sweaters and cool-weather gear. Keep these points in mind of what to store year-round:

  • Seasonal Items: Summer months in Phoenix are May through September. It is common for temperatures to stay 100 and above, even when the sun goes down. Pack sweaters, jackets, overcoats, etc. into a storage unit. If you ski or snowboard during winter months, considering rounding up your winter toys to store too.
  • RVs and Boats: A good way to stay cool in the summer months is to escape for a camping trip or even a weekend at the surrounding lakes. The housing communities are unique in Phoenix – especially when it comes to strict Home Owners Association (HOA) regulations. Some HOA regulations will not allow you to store this outdoor equipment on your property. You can abide by the HOA rules by renting an outdoor parking spot for your RV or boat. There are storage facilities, like U-Haul,  that will rent these spots out monthly to their customers.

Storage Protection

If  you opt for a storage unit for your items, know that if your goods are worth storing, they are also worth protecting. Most storage facilities will do their part to make sure the facility is safe and secure. You might consider taking a step further to make sure your items are protected from unforeseen circumstances. This post can help you make your decision on opting for storage protection. Self storage damage protection programs, like Safestor, offer the following added coverage:

Storage tips in Phoenix - Safestor covered perils

Watch the video below for more storage tips in Phoenix from the President of U-Haul of Phoenix:

What has been your experience with storage in Phoenix? Share with us in the comments section below!