Business Storage: Package Delivery Acceptance

Finding the right business storage program can be quite the task. From retail to pharmaceutical storage, your needs can vary based on the industry you’re in. It’s important to find a storage facility that will make storing your goods, easy for you! Here are some options to consider:

Package Delivery Acceptance

Package delivery acceptance is a service option that could make life a lot easier for you. Instead of bringing items to your storage unit as product comes in, have them sent directly to your storage facility! Know that as convenient as it is to have package delivery acceptance, it’s not a standard at every storage facility. Keep these points in mind when inquiring about delivery acceptance:

  • Hold harmless agreement and key on file – You may be asked to sign a hold harmless agreement where you are freeing the storage facility from being liable for any damaged or missing goods. In addition, it is common to leave a key on file for your delivered boxes to be placed in your unit.
  • Holding area – Some companies will not place your delivered goods in your unit, rather, they will place them in a secure holding area until your or a representative can come in to move then over to your unit.
  • Notification of delivery – If the storage facility you choose will keep your delivered goods in a holding area, it’s important to also confirm that they will notify you. Some facilities will call you when your items have arrived.
  • Extra fees – Know that package delivery acceptance, if offered, is not always a free service. Check with the facility on prices of this service. Is it a monthly flat rate or are you charged by the amount of deliveries received?

Package Delivery Acceptance for Business Storage

Pallet Delivery

Pallet delivery acceptance is similar to package delivery, but it’s important to take additional considerations into account.

  • Loading dock and forklift – It’s crucial to ask if your storage facility has a loading dock and forklift. Without these components, it’s unlikely that this service would be an option.
  • Quantity – Even if the storage facility has these options discussed above, confirm how many pallets of what size can be received. Based on the size capacity the facility has, they may or may not allow pallet delivery if it’s too frequent or too many.
  • Extra fees   As previously discussed, know that this service may require an additional charge. The facility may charge for package delivery acceptance and an additional price per pallet.

These points will be handled differently based on what storage facility you go to. Some facilitates will not be able to accommodate your needs based on equipment, staff size, or even hours of operation. Companies like U-Haul Moving & Storage offer package delivery acceptance and pallet delivery acceptance. It’s always important to ask to be sure, because each facility is different!