After Moving Tips

Did you know that 40 to 50 million people may move this year and 1 in 5 people move each year?  With those statistics, it’s a safe bet that you, or someone you know, has moved within the past 12 months. We all know it’s a jigsaw puzzle getting the truck packed, but how do you unload and unpack the truck? Below are some DIY tips on how to unload and unpack a moving truck for a stress-free experience:

unpacking tipsUnpacking:

  • First things first:  Make sure your new location’s electricity and water are turned on.  Be certain to have toilet paper, hand soap and towels to use in your bathrooms.
  • Clean house: Vacuum and clean floors before putting your furniture in place.  Wipe down cabinets and drawers.
  • Clear the way:  Ensure that the path you expect helpers to walk on is clear of debris and hazards.  If needed, lay down carpet protectors or nonskid runners.
  • Assembly required: Once the truck is unloaded and returned to the rental location it’s time to assemble the furniture.  Start with the bedrooms to ensure that you have a place to sleep at night. You are bound to get hungry so proceed to unpacking the kitchen!
  • Strategic unpacking:  With the furniture in place, it’s time to start unpacking boxes. As you unpack each box, throw away or recycle any unwanted packing materials. After unpacking each box break down the box to ensure that it is completely emptied this way you won’t accidentally throw something out, and you will be ensured of having clutter-free rooms.  Once the boxes are broken down, designate an area for stacking them.  You can easily donate your boxes U-Haul through the Take A Box/Leave A Box Program.
  • What do I do with this? Designate a location–the garage or a spare room–for items you have no idea what to do with.

Diagram of furnitureOrganization

  • Strategic planning:  Decide in advance where the furniture goes.  Make a diagram of each room and determine what furniture is going to be placed in each room.  Hang the diagram on the wall or door of each room and a label guide for furniture based on how you labeled your boxes, so that moving helpers can place furniture and boxes in designated rooms.  This is a good time to gauge doorway size to ensure furniture will fit or make arrangements to have doors removed.
  • Kitchen Craze: The kitchen can quickly become one of the most chaotic parts of unpacking. Start off by unpacking larger appliances (microwave, toaster, etc.) then move on to pots and pans. You can even make your own DIY pot rack! Look for clever ways to organize your pantry and dishware on Pinterest.
  • Downsizing: A new place means a new start so try to not to bring all your old clutter to your new home. Start by placing the items you absolutely need into your home first. Donate all the extra junk and/or set up a garage sale to get rid of your junk and meet neighbors at the same time!

U-Haul Self StorageStorage

Too much stuff? No worries! There are many self-storage facilities as well as portable self-storage for rent in most cities. It’s a misconception that storage units are only needed if you have a ton of junk to store; self-storage units come in all shapes and sizes, some as small as lockers! You don’t have to worry about weather conditions ruining your items either; you can rent clean, dry and climate-controlled storage units. Just plan ahead and look into availability in advance, in case you have the need.

What ideas can you share with DIY movers? Leave your ideas in the comments below.