Mother’s Day Flowers using Moving Supplies

mothers day flowers

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you need a last minute gift, try this fun and frugal DIY Mother’s Day craft! You can make a couple different types of flowers for your DIY project using the items below.

The first flower resembles the Baby Breath flower and it is the easiest to make. Grab your packing peanuts and pipe cleaners for this one and follow the picture tutorial below:

mothers day craft

This next flower is also fairly easy. Grab you cardboard cutter, red cardboard, hot glue gun and Stretch Plastic Wrap.

mother's day craft

mother's day flowersThe last type of Mother’s Day flowers we are adding to this bouquet is a twist on the common tissue flower. For this one, you will need tissue paper or/and wrapping paper and pipe cleaners! Don’t forget to make a couple stems like the ones in the picture tutorial above for these flowers as well.

mother's day flowers mother's day flowers Switch it up and use different colored wrapping paper or tissue papers to create different types of tissue flowers. We used packing paper and wrapping paper. Now is the fun part: put together your bouquet! Put some packing peanuts in the bottom of your vase to keep the flowers in place. Now place your handmade flowers in the vase and you are all set for Mother’s Day!

Do you have a neat way of making DIY flowers? Share with us below!