Vehicle Storage

vehicle storage

Maybe you are headed out of the country for an extended period of time. Maybe you only drive the vehicle on special occasions. Whatever your reason, you are going to want to make sure that your vehicle is protected. The last thing you want is to use your car for the first time in a while and have a bad surprise! Here are some tips on how to make sure your baby is taken care of:


Storing your vehicle indoors in a garage is best. If it is inside, it is shielded from the elements. U-Haul offers indoor garage storage for vehicles, RV’s and boats. If storing indoors isn’t an option, make sure to use a cover that covers the whole frame.


You might not care if there are a few crumbs here and there in your vehicle normally, but the last thing you want is a bad smell to seep into the seats during your absence. Make sure to detail your vehicle! Leaving it in the best possible condition will ensure that you find it in a similar state.

Engine Preparation

All fluids should be as fresh as possible. This includes the oil and filter, anti-freeze, power steering fluid and brake fluid. Also, you should have a fresh tank of gas. It sounds counter intuitive, but more airspace leads to rust. Use a fuel stabilizer to prevents any breakdown of the gas.

Outer Preparation

The outside of your vehicle needs some preparation too! First make sure to seal any openings where critters might want to make a home while you’re gone (this is especially important if you are storing your vehicle outdoors.) You don’t want a squirrel nesting in your exhaust pipe. You are also going to want to over-inflate your tires. This will prevent flat spots. Ideally, you will want to jack your vehicle on a jack stand.

You have a couple options with your windshield wipers. If you want to, you can remove them completely. However, you could also place plastic wrap on the windshield under the wipers. This will prevent the rubber from sticking.

Final Touches

Before you leave your vehicle for good make sure that the parking brake is not set. If possible, have a friend drive your car while you are gone. The longer is sits unattended, the more likely there is to be damage when you return. If storing in a garage, check with your facility to make sure they do not have any additional precautions.

Do you have any tips on how to store your vehicle properly? Let us know in the comments below!